Thursday, November 27, 2008

Today's Psych Lesson

Since my friend, Brew City Brawler, has dubbed me "the Sidney Freedman of the hate left," I feel obliged to give the occasional lesson in psychology.

I am sure that the gentle reader is aware that sometimes a psychological phenomenon can occur to a group of people, rather than just an individual. Examples of this type of phenomenon would be mass hypnosis or mass hysteria.

As I was scrolling through my reader this evening, I read a post by the Reasonable Progressive (who I just added to the blogroll - sorry for the delay, RP), who was defending the honor of DA John Chisolm. The post was inspired by the usual hateful rhetoric that is all to commonly found in the comments thread of Badger Blogger (which would be more aptly named Badger Romper Room until the proprietor starts enforcing some decorum over there).

For the record, as I commented on RP's site, I personally think that Chisolm is doing alright. A couple of cases that I have been following, like the murder of Christopher L. Thomas, Jr. and the reckless homicide of Alexander Orlowski.

As I read through the distasteful and immature string of insults and ad hominem attacks on myself and others, it occurred to me that I was witnessing a new and previously undiagnosed group psychological event.

I believe that the best name for this new discovery would be: Mass Napoleon Complex.

It also appears to be much more common among male right wing bloggers and talk show hosts for some reason. I will leave it to the gentle reader to figure out why that may be.


  1. Damn, I clicked on all your links in this post and not a single one of them when to the Badger Blogger post you are talking about in your post. Don't you think a link to the blog you are dissing is important or are we suppose to take you word for it? No offense, but some of us like to read things for ourselves. Anywho, if you are referring to the BB blog post about Detective Sandvick it looks like you are the one who tossed out the first insult. A very wrong-headed insult to boot. Any comments that followed - you deserved.

  2. The link is in RP's post, which I did link to.

    I pointed out that Sandvick is not a hero, and that he was spreading falsehoods purposely for political causes, all without authorization and bucking the chain of command. All of which is not something that belongs in law enforcemnt.

    And no where did I use vulgarity, such as they. They also attacked another commenter for asking a simple question.

    But if that is what your OK with, that says a lot about you, besides your anonyminity.

  3. No, what you did was insult two retired LEO who deserve better. You should think twice before challenging someone's integrity the way you did otherwise you will be told straight up what you are acting like. As far as what they said to you being okay with me, you betcha.

  4. No, what I did was point out the misbehavior of two men that should have known better, and then refuse to accept the consequences for their behavior.

    And what of the others? You did not respond to their insulting someone asking a question.

  5. I was only responding to your post because you were acting like you got called a vulgar name without any provocation. Also, I don't know what "misbehavior" you are talking about but I can only imagine considering the way you think. I rather not even go there with you.

    By the way, Reasonable Progressive was defended by at least one Badger Blogger and by a few of commenters. So, capper, what exactly is your point in this post?

  6. OK, let me hold your hand and walk you through this.

    A) Even if you feel my comment was out of line, they escalated way out of decent conversation.

    B) They attacked "Steve" for asking a question, which they never answered.

    C) RP was still attacked in the first place.

    D) This is not an uncommon occurrence over there. Patrick already had lost a lot of face and had to kick mickey/gus off once because he was crossing the line. Not it is back to the same dreck.

    E) Whatever good work Patrick and Bruce and the rest may be doing is lost when it is couched in this kind of atmosphere.

  7. capper, there was nothing decent about your comment. You deserved the response you got - plain and simple. All the other stuff was taken care of by the Badger Blogger guys and some of the commenters.

  8. The report was bogus. Biskupic had done a full investigation and found that there was no wide spread voter fraud. Then the detective, without permission from his superior officer, went and released a bogus report restating the same accusations that had been proven to be baseless, just to stir up trouble.

    Then a second former cop praises him and uses his favorite racist code word.

    I called them on it. If that is upsetting to them or to you, that is not my issue. But nowhere did I use vulgar language or made a personal attack. I pointed out that their behavior was not right or befitting LEOs. If they cannot separate themselves as people from their behaviors, again, that is not my problem.

  9. Did you really have to go there, capper? What would you know about behavior befitting LEOs? The second retired copper you are talking about is not a racist and does not use racist code words. That is your misbehavior continually claiming that to be true. I know you really want it to be so, but I know it could not be further from the truth.