Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Deer Hunting Thugs

From the Sheriff's Report in the Waupaca County Post (sorry, no link):
On the first weekend of deer hunting, at least five area residents call the Waupaca County Sheriff's Department regarding gunshots into their homes or outbuildings. Nobody was reported injured.

A slug came through a living room in the N500 block of County Trunk A in Lind on Saturday morning.

Three gunshots went into two buildings in the E6800 block of Guth Road in Royalton on Saturday.

A slug came through a window of a home on Mountain View Lane, Waupaca, on Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday morning, a shot came thourgh a patio door in the N8600 block of Blue Mountain Road, Ogdensburg.

Also on Sunday, shots were fired into homes in the E100 block of State Highway 161 in rural Iola.
I certainly hope that the police round up all of these blaze-orange-wearing thugs and lock 'em up and through away the key.

I also find it very telling that the other people that partake in this vile and disgusting pastime refuse to come forward and denounce the others for their acts of violence against law abiding, hard working people just trying to make it through life in honest, peaceful ways. It must be because they are all feeding into this "Stop the snitchin'" philosophy.


  1. "Thugs"? "Acts of violence"?

    How about &^%&^$n IDIOTS!

  2. How about the deer fighting back: