Thursday, November 6, 2008

It Just Looks Right


  1. I will say this. Though I don't like, or believe in him, he has a good looking family. I think his kids are adorable, and I hope he gets them 2 puppies. With Barney's attitude towards reporters. ;->

  2. I saw that video clip. Two thoughts came to mind:

    1) That's food poisoning.

    2) Dogs do resemble their owners.

  3. Another thought: What kind of dog(s) will the Obamas get?

    Given the right's propensity of calling him the One, I would suggest a St. Bernard.

  4. As to calling him 'The One', thank the fawning sychophants in the media who treated him like a prince, and Farrakhan who said "The Messiah is speaking!" St. Bernard? Nah. I said his KIDS are adorable. Maybe a Sheltie. They're smart, inlike Obama supporters [ :-) ] and they're great with kids. They can be taught many things, like to bark when the phone rings, to fetch certain objects, etc. They're also good at herding either Cabinet members or reporters. Rahm could likely speak the language.. ;-))

  5. Well, one of the girls has allergies, so they need a hypoallergenic dog.

    Unfortunately, Shelties don't make it. Neither do my favorite, Beagles.

    I'd suggest a goldendoodle or labradoodle. Their smart, don't shed, cute as all get out, and smart.

  6. "Well, one of the girls has allergies"
    So, then why get a damn dog? Why not a cat? A guinea pig, rabbit or whatever she is not allergic to.
    Seriously, if the daugher is allergic, why put her through the trouble? Will the daughter have to get shots?
    I know first hand of being allergic to animals and it is not fun.

  7. Dan,

    That is why they are looking at hypoallergenic dogs. It won't affect her allergies. These breeds don't shed or have the dander of normal breeds. A lot of people with allergies can have pets, it they're smart about it.