Thursday, November 20, 2008

Of Boons Granted And Gauntlets Tossed Down

The Boon

Elliot, over at From Where I Sit, has sent out a plea of collaboration, in which if someone posts about him, he will return the favor. He claims it is about turning readers on to each other's sites. I really think it is the spirit of change and bipartisanship (actually, tripartisanship) inspired by the election of Barack Obama to be our next president, although he would never admit it.

Either way, I decided to grant his request. Twice.

Elliot Stearns is an interesting fellow. He is also a complicated fellow.

He claims to be a Libertarian. At first, given his focus on reading and that he is an aspiring (and inspiring) author, I originally thought he meant librarian. After reading more of his blog, I realized he did indeed mean Libertarian, as he likes to take liberties with one's sensibilities by subjecting his reader to bad puns.

While he is a master of getting his points across concisely and without a lot of extra verbiage, his writings are not the thing that really piques my interest in him. Being who I am, I am a student of the mind, and I am always curious on what makes people who they are. Elliot gives a challenge that few others do.

You see, he has multiple personalities. Not only Elliot a blogger, but he is a former detective that uses a wheelchair. He does have at least one other personality, which he calls "Caughill." Fortunately, Elliot is the dominate personality, as that this "Caughill" can write worth a damn.

The real twist to this scenario though, is that even though Elliot is the dominate personality, the "Caughill" side to him has convinced him that Elliot is fictional. I need to do further study, but I believe this is a rare defense mechanism being used by the "Caughill" persona to remain in existence, despite the obvious heavy use of psychotropic medications. I am thinking of doing a paper on this never-before-seen psychological phenomenon, where the submissive personality is cognitive enough to preserve its existence.

The Gauntlet Tossed Down

This is something that I have been thinking about for a while. My mentor and friend, Jay Bullock, has a sworn nemesis, in Owen Robinson.

Well, perhaps feeling insecure or just trying to keep up with the folkbums, Stearns/Caughill issued a request a year ago for his own nemesis, but the multiple personalities apparently kept him from making a decision.

Now, while I can't find myself able to be his mortal enemy, I could be the thorn-forever-in-his side. You see, even though I find Elliot thought provoking that he is one of my few absolutely must read sites, he does have his flaws. One example is his gun love. I really don't understand it. I mean, I own a couple of shotguns and a couple of rifles myself, but I consider them to be merely tools, not object for that level of adoration.

He also has another flaw, which I described here.

While I may not be the mortal enemy that he asked for, I do solemnly swear that, if he accepts this challenge, I will be glad to forever taunt him and to fart in his general direction.

What say you, Elliot? After all, who better to play the foil to a man with multiple personalities, than a man with multiple blogs?

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