Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Future's So Dark, I Gotta Wear Shades

Months ago, I lamented Ted Thompson's decision to trade Brett Favre away to the Jets. I felt that Thompson's job was to put the best team he could on the field, and that meant starting Favre over Aaron Rodgers.

But capper, I was told, you gotta give them a chance. Ted Thompson knows what he's doing, I was told. Aaron Rodgers is the future, Brett Favre is a has-been, they told me.

Mr. Has-Been just beat the previously undefeated Titans yesterday in a perfectly managed game. ESPN reports that the Jets have been buoyed this year by one key factor - Favre. Mr. Has-Been and the Jets are now 8-3 and leading a tough division.

Meanwhile, Mr. Future, eh, not so much. Mr. Future and the Pack are now 5-6, and are only above the winless Lions in a weak division.

Now, don't get me wrong. This loss is not all Rodgers fault, although he sure did his share to contribute to it. No, this kind of miserable showing takes the entire team, including the coaching staff.

All of whom were put there by Ted Thompson.

Can Thompson be charged with high treason for what he did to the Pack?

And as always:


  1. Oh my, how we were ripped (Dad29) and that we just would give Rogers a chance.
    Favre is a good to very good QB, but what he brings to the Jets is the positive and winning attitude. He also knows how to win. Favre commands respect from his terammates. Rogers, while has physical talents he lacks in these areas.

  2. Congratulations!

    You've finally advanced to analysis 101 (a big step up from grade-school...)

    It is entirely possible that McCarthy and his staff are the problem!

    Of course, that means that McCarthy and his staff had NOTHING, whatever, to do with last year's 13/3 record.

  3. So, Dad, why are the Packers so much worse than last year and the Jets are so much better than last year? There is one common denominator. #4

  4. Besides Favre, the Jets went out and spent some money to shore up their offensive and defensive lines. RB Thomas Jones has been a good addition, too. All these acquistions show a willingness to commit to winning now. The Packers are under the cap (that's salary cap not Capper) but this past offseason they refused to spend any money for proven free agents that can step in to play now. And why can't they find a punter? Bring in 50 Division III punters and I'll bet you'll find several that can punt better than what they've had lately. Matt Turk from Div. III UW-Whitewater has been in the league 13 years and is still punting for Houston. Ryan Grant was a good pickup last year but there is no depth at RB. I could go on. Let's just say that whatever the Master Plan is here, it's not too clear.

  5. The Pack was outplayed and outcoached by a team that had thirteen (13!) players out due to injuries.

    Favre brings two things that Rodgers doesn't. Emotion and leadership. He can motivate the offense, the defense and the special teams, because they know with Favre on their side, no game was fully out of reach. Rodgers is a dead fish in comparison.

    And McCarthy is nothing more than a second coming of Ray Rhodes.