Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I See A Change In The Right Wingers

During the campaign, the right wingers tried to make hay with the "bitterly clinging to their guns and Bibles" line.

Now they're just clinging to their bitterness.


  1. So, you don't think it was inappropriate (and wrong) of Obama to say that about those people who own guns and have faith? He apologized so apparently he felt he was wrong, unless his apology was empty and only given just to get votes.

    Anyhoo, is this just a statement of opinion that you needed to share or do you have anything to support it? Because I am seeing a lot of bitterness and it's not coming from the right.

  2. I didn't even click on the "publish your comment" button but my comment was published anyways. Good thing I was finished. Why do you suppose that happened, capper?

  3. Seems like like they're going for guns now more than anything.

  4. "Now they're just clinging to their bitterness"
    Hey, we're just trying to imitate the left who has been so bitter for the past years.
    I thought imitating was a form of flattery.