Monday, November 3, 2008

Cognitive Choice '08: State Races

There are just too many state races for me to catch them all, but there are some that I would like to address.

Wasserman vs. Darling

I have already written extensively about this race in various posts, so I shan't rehash it all over again (you can thank me later). But I will offer this quick recap. Alberta Darling has probably done more in the past two months regarding her campaign than she has done in the last 18 years in the state legislature. But much like her long career, her campaign has either been ineffective, or actually a negative to society. Her lies have continued until today, at the eleventh hour.

Darling has nothing in 18 years to stand on, so all she has done is spread fear, innuendo, and outright lies regarding her opponent. Milwaukee Magazine has her own colleagues calling her a big do-nothing in office, and don't hold a lot of respect for her.

Wasserman is well liked by his constituents and his peers. If he does not have enough bills passed to satisfy some, well, most minority party members don't usually get their things through. What he has tried to get passed is commendable and would go long to benefit the state. Things like affordable health care, open and free elections, and dignity for all people, regardless of class, race or gender.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that would rather listen to Darling's lies, without looking at the fact that they are unsubstantiated and that she is equally guilty, if not more so, of what she is trying to hang on Wasserman. But from what I understand, the race is a close one, with Wasserman having a chance to eke out a victory.

As he should, given that he would be the cognitive choice.

Krupp vs. Ryan

Even though she is vastly underfunded when compared to Paul Ryan, Marge Krupp has Ryan scared. That is why even Dan Bice of MJS has noted that Ryan is sounding more like a Democrat than the ultra conservative that he really is. Ryan is realizing that his pro-Big Oil and pro-Big Business stances are not so popular as people, like the autoworkers in Janesville, are finding themselves unemployed in the start of a recession. Furthermore, Ryan has done nothing to help the state, much less the nation.

The cognitive choice would be to follow the Democratic wave and elect Krupp to replace Ryan, who is still trying to figure out how to fold his road map.

Kagen vs. Gard

Obviously, Kagen is the cognitive choice here. Even the Republicans realize this, or they would have fielded someone more competent than John Gard. Gard's claim to fame so far is to prolong the hit on Milwaukee taxpayers by not allowing the law to change, which would have allowed crooked cops, like the Jude cops, to be fired without pay.

Other races

As I said at the beginning of this post, there are just too many races to cover each one, but here are the cognitive choices in some of the other races around the state:

Sandy Pasch is the much better choice for the 22nd Assembly District. She has a more rounded background and is looking to improve life for all of Wisconsin citizens, and not just a select few.

Peggy Krusick is not my favorite person, but she is the strongest candidate for the 7th Assembly District.

Glen Brower should be the obvious choice to replace for Assembly District 21. Likewise, Tony Staskunas for District 15 and Dave Hucke for District 14.


  1. So in all cases, vote for the Democratic?

    Okay... at least it is "cognitive."

    Thought is involved ... vote Dem, even if it is a lib artard, just vote Dem.

    Very cognitive indeed crapper.

  2. Perhaps if the Republicans would field someone worth voting for, things would be different, my immature anonymous friend. But if you are an example of what the right has to offer, I shan't be holding my breath.