Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Now Back To Our Regular Scheduled Programming

I realize that most people who read this site also read the site that brought me into the blogging world, folkbum's rambles and rants. But just in case one of my 5.3 readers wasn't aware, Jay Bullock, top rambler and ranter over there, is my friend and did a lot to help me get on my way to this "successful" blogsite.

So when he put out a notice that he was looking for help, I figured I owed it to him to put up some of my Pulitzer Prize Nominee caliber posts, just so he can get two or three more hits to the gazillion he gets every day.

I wrote about the life and the death of Alexander Orlowski, and inmate at the House of Correction that died from an accidental overdose.

Tonight, I wrote about the aftermath of his death.

But for now, I will be returning to normal and trying to split myself in two ways, instead of three, as I try to keep up here and over there.

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