Sunday, April 19, 2009

Guns: Keeping The Peace

From WSAW-TV (emphasis mine):

Two people are in custody after a shooting incident in the Township of Plover at about 9:30 p.m. Saturday night.

Lieutenant Frank Hanousek with the Marathon County Sheriff’s Department says the incident began as a dispute among four people in a home. Eventually things got physical between the two suspects and a shot was fired.

The suspects involved in the shooting were arrested two hours later in the City of Wausau.

"Initially they are being held on first degree attempted reckless homicide, aggravated battery, burglary with use of a dangerous weapon and going armed while intoxicated," said Lieutenant Frank Hanousek.

Newschannel 7 also spoke to a neighbor today who's lived in the area for more than thirty years. He said he was surprised to hear the news of this happening overnight, where the area is usually a very safe and quiet neighborhood.

And yet, if we believe the gun lovers, we are supposed to be just hunky-dory with people walking around armed, even if when we don't know who they are.

Another example of guns protecting us. This time, protecting children from growing up.


  1. I am not a gun owner nor am I one of those who freak out every time some gun regulation comes down the line. That being said, I am in favor of concealed carry and an incident on Friday convinces me that concealed carry i needed.
    On Friday, at Wal Mart, we stopped a guy for shoplifting some skittles. Instead of coming to office and returning the Skittles and go on his merry way without the police being called, the thug decided to fight. As we were struggling, he pulled something out of his pants and it turned out to be a knife and he tried to stab us several times. Just through brute strength on my part and the security agent, we were able to pin him down and immobilze his arm. He still refused to let go of the knife, despite 3 shots to the groin by me and some punches by security.
    This is the time where I wish someone had a gun and yelled at the guy to drop it and then if neccessary, shoot him. He held on to the knife for at least 5 minutes and he was resistant to pain, and to me that showed me he was on some kind of drug.
    Yes, there are cases where bad people do bad things with guns. But there are also many instances when a gun can be used in life and death defense.

  2. Sounds like a non-lethal weapon, like a taser or mace, would have been just as good. And other people would have been less likely to get hurt. But Nevada is a CCW state anyway. A lot of good it does you.

  3. Trust me, after I gave him 3 nut shots, I don't think mace or a taser would have made a difference.
    All I can say after being in this situation for the first time, it sure opened up my eyes.

  4. Why were you trying to stop someome for ripping off Skittles? What's next, tackling bubble gum thieves.

  5. Tim, I know you are a asshole, but this just shows how ignorant you really are.
    We did not know exactly what he had stolen. And if you bothered to actually read, and I know your reading ability is not exactly a strong point in your life(the high lite in your life is being an asshole) is that he made the first move and he is the one who pulled out the knife.
    Now, go get some reading and comprehension lessons, get a brain, you brain dead munchkin and shut the f--k up, you brain dead asshole.

  6. Furthermore...only on YOUR blog...capper. ;)

  7. Dan, go to your room and don't come out until you learn to behave. This is not RDW or Badger Blogger and I don't want that crap on here.


    Hardly only on mine. :P

  8. I don't know about that capper. Seems like people tend to have meltdowns when they comment on here. What is that??? I have to say this time the exchange between OS and Dan had me in tears (from laughing). Skittles?? Now that's just funny. (No offense meant Dan)

  9. My oh my, Dan. My only concern is why you were stalking Skittles thieves. Do you work security too? Unless -- did I miss that new Homeland Security update regarding terrorists dressed up as Skittles thieves. Then "Huzzah" Dan. Thank you for protecting our freedoms.

    Oh and -- thanks for making me feel better and more calm this morning.