Saturday, April 10, 2010

Democrats Leading Republicans in Media Wars

While Scott Walker and Mark Neumann are having their great Twit Wars or the Fight for Facebook Friends, the Democratic candidates are leaving them behind in a trail of technodust.

As previously noted by Zach, Tom Barrett's campaign has started up with their SayNow service. From an email from Barrett's campaign:
"Our campaign has always been about making sure the voices of Wisconsinites are included in the discussion about the future of our state, " said Barrett. "My SayNow phone number is an innovative and easy way to have conversations with Wisconsinites on how to create jobs and change the way Madison works."

By simply calling Tom Barrett's SayNow number at 414-395-1855, Wisconsinites can get a message from Tom on the latest campaign updates and leave messages for Tom. Wisconsinites can also opt-in to receive alerts when new messages are available, participate in live conference calls, and listen to SayNow messages via the campaign's official presence on Facebook and Twitter.

"With so many important issues at stake in this election, it is more important then ever to connect candidates directly with voters," said Ryan Alexander, Barrett for Wisconsin New Media Director. "SayNow uses the power of voice and the ease of the telephone to personally connect Tom and his positive message of job creation with voters."
I've already called and it works pretty spiffy. It's nice to have a candidate that listens to the people as opposed to someone like Walker who is traveling the state telling people what they should be thinking.

Of course, it's not surprising that Walker doesn't listen to the people. Look at how his office treated some senior citizens last summer when he tried to close the two indoor pools:
On another note, five senior citizens mentioned to me that when they called your office to discuss this matter they were treated very rudely by your staff. I find that unacceptable and was very disappointed to hear that, as I know that your staff normally deals with constituents in a professional matter. One woman said that your staff was very argumentative and even said, "the lady asked me if I had any alternative cost-saving solutions." Now I know you agree that it is our job to work together to provide the best services we can to county residents, as we debate our county budget for almost two months every year. It is not up to them, that is why they elected us and put their trust in us to make the best public policy decisions.
Also leading on the new media front is Senator Russ Feingold, as Jim Arndt points out:

Senator Feingold recently launched a mobile messaging program allowing users to sign up for text message updates. The vote for predictions of sausage race winners on opening day was brilliant, though I missed my chance to cast a ballot. Text RUSS to 91990 to sign up for the updates.

The Democrats leading in the use of technology should not be surprising. Why the Democrats have the habit of looking ahead and embracing the future, the Republicans have been clinging to the past.

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