Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sex And The Grandstanding DA

This is a little old already, but I have to get my two cents in on it.

In Juneau County, the District Attorney, Scott Southworth, threatened to prosecute any teacher that followed state law and taught sex education that was not purely abstinence-based.

In other words, Southworth threatened to charge the teachers with following the law.

He made some kind of cockamamie excuse saying it would promote underage sex. If Southworth really believes that the kids aren't already having sex, he is deluding himself.

Illy-T has some ideas on whether that would be even a doable thing.

Now it looks like the DA was just looking for some attention instead of trying to make a point.

Whether or not the DA meant what he said, or he was just attention seeking, there is something the teachers should do. Since they are mandated reporters for child abuse and/or neglect per state law, I believe that it is their responsibility to report the DA for attempting to withhold state mandated education from the kids.

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