Sunday, April 4, 2010

Drinking Liberally?

Jason Haas, host of our local version of Drinking Liberally, has sent out the plug for the upcoming April 21 edition of DL, although it will not be quite as liberal as is the norm. From Jason:

Hi folks,

This is not an April Fool's joke. Republican (Tea Party) U.S. Senate candidate Dave Westlake is coming to the next round of Drinking Liberally Milwaukee. Westlake is one of the two declared Republican candidates who will be competing in the primary to run against U.S. Senator Russ Feingold.

As Dave will be our special guest, let's treat him with respect. Even if you disagree with him, treat him with respect. Show him what good hosts a liberal crowd can be.

Dave is not the first Republican candidate we've had at Drinking Liberally, by the way. That was Don Holt, the honest Republican (yes, I said...) who ran against the incumbent faux-Dem Sheriff Clarke in 2006.

I'll send out another note or two closer to the actual night. As usual, we meet on the third Wednesday of the month. This one will be on Wed. April 21, and as always, it starts at 7 PM.

I wonder if Drinking Right would ever have a Democrat at one of their events, and if they would be able to act civilly towards him or her.


  1. Drinking Right would never have a Democrat at one of their events, and while some might be able to act with civility, I'm betting a good number wouldn't.

  2. I had considered going once or twice in the past, but I won't because I don't feel that I would be safe there.

  3. chris, though I doubt anyone would actually do you harm at Drinking Right, it certainly wouldn't be something worth wasting time to attend.

  4. With some of the things I have been receiving or having done to me, I'm not so sure.

    But I do know that you are, of course and as always, absolutely correct about the waste of time.

    I just wonder if they have tea-flavored beer or beer-flavored tea...

  5. Chris, I've been on the receiving end of some really nasty stuff from folks on the right, so I can relate, but I've found the internet brings out the "tough guy" in lots of folks.

    However, getting back on point, I'm looking forward to Drinking Liberally. Though I don't agree with Dave Westlake on much, I certainly give him credit for being willing to come speak to us.

  6. Again, you show your wisdom and sage like observations.