Sunday, April 25, 2010

Teach Your Children Well

Two stories have come out lately showing that people aren't necessarily paying any attention to whom they are voting for when it comes to school boards. And, surprisingly, neither story has to do with MPS.

The first story is from the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District, in which they just elected a woman who has a history of problems when she was an attorney:

Edgar, who was representing a woman in a divorce case, withdrew $11,000 from an account that she was given control over. After the husband's attorney discovered the missing funds, Edgar repaid them with interest, the records show.

"It was basically a cry for help," Edgar said of taking the money, noting that the husband in the case was a police officer. "I was absolutely dysfunctional in running a business."

No criminal charges were filed.

Edgar's license was never reinstated, but four years later, in May 2003, the Supreme Court suspended her license again. She failed to provide proper representation in the divorce case and in five other cases, and committed other misconduct, the bar association records show.

The story continues to tell how she still owes $4000 in unpaid restitution on another case. Someone with no business sense and money problems of her own is not a good selection for a school board that is already in financial straits due to questionable investments.

The second story may be even more egregious. It comes from Germantown, where a newly elected school board members has major issues of her own. She apparently feels that if you're not a bully, or at least OK with bullying, you could be homosexual or something:

Kline stated in her e-mail that the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network, which sponsors the event, "promotes students and faculty to remain silent during instructional time of the day and/or it promotes teachers to arrange their lesson plans as such to create an environment that allows students and faculty to remain silent during class time."

"I will not allow them (her children) to be exposed to this misguided propaganda in the public school," she wrote.

In her e-mail, she included a link to a Web site created by the American College of Pediatricians "designed to provide policymakers, parents, administrators, teachers and youth with the most current medical and psychological facts about sexual development."

She also urged the administrators and board members to educate themselves "on the facts about the dangers of a homosexual lifestyle."

However, when asked about her views on the Day of Silence, she said declined to comment, adding that she plans to find out what other parents think about it.

There is no confirmation at this time that she moved to Germantown from West Bend, where they also tend to hyperventilate over things they don't understand.


  1. I agree there are way to many people elected to local politics that are not fully vetted by voters or the media...very sad.

  2. People aren't paying attention to who they elect. While voter apathy is at least half of the problem, the other half is lack of coverage from newspapers and media. It has become more difficult in the last two years to know who is running because not a single word is written about school board or aldermanic candidates.
    In the past month your blog pointed out the past of a recent candidate. I believe that is the future of information for voters. Bloggers should get together, share and provide information on candidates in their areas.
    Failing that, this story will be repeated again and again, to our detriment. Only after an individual is elected, and shows his or her true colors, will the citizens have any idea who was running for office.