Thursday, April 1, 2010

Walker Loses Face and Faith

Poor old Scott Walker is having himself another bad week.

Walker was counting on making a lot of political hay over the next couple of months on the fact that the State had to close off one of the bridges in the zoo interchange. Even though the delays were only five or ten minutes, he were taking good advantage of this opportunity to get his sound bites issued.

Only it wasn't meant to be. The state has announced that the replacement bridge will be ready by Friday morning, only one week after they closed it down. To make matters even worse for Walker, the rest of the project appears to be ahead of schedule as well.

Walker, his campaign staff and the usual right wing echo chamber is very upset indeed about the good news, and are still trying to make a mountain out of this molehill. They claim it was a set up by Jim Doyle and Tom Barrett to make Walker look bad.

To me, it just shows that they have never watched Star Trek. For if they had, they would have remembered one of Scotty's more memorable quotes from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock:
"How much refit time before we can take her out again?"
"Eight week, sir - but you don't have eight weeks, so I'll do it for you in two."
"Mr. Scott, have you always multiplied your repair estimates by a factor of four?"
"Certainly, sir - how else could I keep up my reputation as a miracle worker?"
- Kirk and Scotty

But Walker's problems didn't end at the bridge. There was a follow up story to Walker's crumbling courthouse in which it was reported that it could take up to five months to fix the cornice of the courthouse. Needless to say, the whole crumbling courthouse affair could have all been avoided if Walker just attended to the job he is getting paid to do, which is not going all over the state campaigning in a race that he has already lost.

Between having a golden opportunity taken away from him and having the courthouse issue falling on him like, well, a chunk of the courthouse, Walker must be feeling quite a bit of strain lately. And like many people under a lot of stress, Walker apparently finds himself in a crisis of faith.

His campaign has been tweeting all day about the new, vamped up look to his website. When I went to check it out, the first things I noticed was that it didn't really look all that different. But there was one major change:

Walker took down the picture of the hand holding a card that read "Believe in Wisconsin Again."

First Walker makes a fool out of himself over what turned out to me a minor and a very temporary traffic problem. Then his own house comes falling down around him due to his refusal to perform his duties as county executive. Now he no longer believes in Wisconsin, which was the whole theme of his campaign.

All of this combined will only help to accelerate his tailspin slide in the polls.


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  2. Folks, just so you are aware, the commenter above, ashleestarin, is one of Walker's campaign staffers.

    Her comment was:

    You are a complete idiot and honestly have no idea wat you're talking about. Stop whining bc you're pissed walkers dipping into your county salary and go find a hobby.

    So you see, even his staffers admit that Walker's whole budget fiasco is a political stunt. Also notice how sympathetic she is to people that are taking pay cuts. That's the compassionate conservatives that like Walker so much. Imagine what the state would be like if he would have won the race...

  3. She must watch "Real Housewives of NY"...

  4. "Walker was counting on"?
    Was counting declares a point of fact, so do you have any facts to back up your claim or are you just back to your same old tired habits?

    Needless to say, the whole bridge affair could have been avoided if Doyle just attended to the job he is getting paid to do...

  5. Ashlee is just mad because you have a different favorite Kardashian. Kourtney Kardash is her "favorite kardashian. Love herrr!"

    Herrr looks kind of german, eh.

  6. Welcome to the new media, Mr. Walker. :-)

  7. "First Walker makes a fool out of himself over what turned out to me a minor and a very temporary traffic problem."

    Huh? A minor problem? No, a minor problem is a crack in the sidewalk, not a structural problem that causes the emergency shutdown of the busiest interchange in the state.

    You know, Capper, I am truly amazed at you. And that is hard for me to say at this stage in the game. The state doesn't have any money for roads and highways because Doyle raided the Transportation Fund for over 1 billion dollars, and Mayor Barrett doesn't know a problem when it hits him in the face. And you're defending these cats?

    Even worse, you're minimizing a situation that caused taxpayers about $15 million? You have no idea what sort of headache this caused local businesses that depend on shipping products in and out of Milwaukee. WOW!

    Btw, where are your criticisms of state leadership for this interchange debacle? Oh that's right, it's just a minor issue.

  8. Anonymous 9:58-

    Are you saying that Walker wasn't counting on taking political advantage of it? If so, can you explain the billboards, the special webpage, and the constant blame gaming from Walker?

    Didn't think so.

  9. arods 1 and 2-

    You are going to blow a gasket about $15 million, but ignore the six hundred or so millions of dollars in untended repairs and maintenance that Walker has accrued so far, not to mention his putting public safety at risk with his foolish and inadequate budgeting gimmicks?

    If you're upset about $15 million, I fully expect a post blasting Walker, or are you just as hypocritical as he is?

  10. Ashlee Starin seems like a real "princess." She's probably one of the anonymous bloggers behind too.

  11. Capper 9:58. I will be glad to answer your two questions as soon as you answer the one question I asked you.

  12. Oh, oh. It appears Ashlee has put a privacy lock on her twitter account. Talk about preaching to the echo chamber now.

  13. Anonymous, the point is simply so obvious, anyone could grasp it. Walker betrayed his own intentions with his behaviors. Sheesh, do I have to paint pictures for you Walkerophiles?

  14. Pictures? No, I am not sure your artistic abilities are being questioned just your facts. If its an "obvious" point it should be easy to find a least one fact to support it....still waiting.

  15. Fine, let's go with your argument that Walker was not counting on making a lot of political hay on this. That would mean that all the money, time and effort spent on the signs, the ads, the website and everything else was just on a whim. This would make Walker a spendthrift and wasteful of money. I can work with that as well.

  16. So, you are confessing you have no facts to back your original claim?

    To answer you latest attempt at conversation. No capper, I never stated what you now try to conclude. This has always been a problem in trying to debate with you; you consistently make false claims, include irrelevant remarks, and offer faulty conclusions/accusations.

    If you dare, please show where in my remarks lead you to your latest false conclusion.

  17. I am admitting no such thing, but merely using a common forensic technique. And the ball is in your court. I supplied the facts with now two possible ways of applying them. It is your job to pick which one you want to go with.

    I do sympathize. It must be hard trying to defend someone like Walker, who just can't seem to do anything right, even when led to the correct decision.

  18. Forensic technique? Ok Barnaby Jones, your so called attempt at forensic science is flawed. You provided speculation not fact.

    Your continued use of deflections is interesting, says much about you.

  19. Forensics also means debate.

    Now, I believe you have some questions to answer...

  20. Really Barnaby, a trip to a dictionary in an attempt to save your position now has you declaring there are questions to be answered?

    Try to stay on topic; I know it is hard for you. Back to the first question you have yet to answer, what facts do you have, beyond your subjective speculation?

  21. Still waiting on your answers. Ad hominems, don't count, by the way.

  22. More victim cards...

    As I wrote before, I will happy to answer your question as soon as you provide fatcs...

  23. Speculation is not facts...keep trying. They are your words, yet you can't back them up...