Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You Gave It A Hell Of A Try, Greg

Greg Kowalksi, author of Franklin Today, did what many of us bloggers don't do. Instead of sitting at the computer day after day, telling people how he thinks things should be, he put himself out there and actually ran for a seat on the Franklin Common Council.

Unfortunately, the voters in his district decided to stick with the inept incumbent, but Greg did put in a heck of an effort and came very close to actually pulling off the upset.

I would like to congratulate and to thank Greg on taking the risk, offering to serve his community, and for standing up for what he believes in. I hope that this one loss does not turn him off from trying again. He did a great job and should not feel any shame in the way he conducted himself in this race.

I am proud to have him as a friend.

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