Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Your Tax Dollars Not At Work- Day 6

Just in case anyone else was keeping track, Monday was the sixth furlough day of the year so far. That is already three times the cuts in services that Tom Barrett needed to balance the city's budget and three quarters of what Jim Doyle needed for the state's budget. Plus, the city and the state actually negotiated their days with their unions. (I had a lovely time up north, thanks for asking.)

It is also another $600 dollars that the county lost in revenue, bringing the total to the county running $3600 in the red by these furloughs.

But that is not the only way that Scott Walker has decided to lose revenue for the county. He has also put several golf courses in jeopardy by doing his best to cut their revenue stream as well.

To show that county workers do know how to make the best of a bad situation, zoo workers have named a new baby camel "Furlow." (Pictured above, via CBS 58) Furlow has even made the big time, by making it onto one of the blogsite Cute Overload.

I just wonder if anyone else will pick up on the issue I pointed out at MCF's post:
The other issue is also very telling. As is often the case, when bad news like this breaks, Scott Walker is nowhere to be found. According to his tweets, he spent the majority of the day in the Fox Valley, campaigning. One would think that someone who touts himself as a leader would be here to deal with his self-created budget deficit and the ramifications and consequences stemming from his budget bungling. Instead, we find himself trying to physically distance himself from the mess he has created.


  1. "Instead, we find himself trying to physically distance himself from the mess he has created."

    You mean like the $8.9 million surplus mess he created for the county's budget?

  2. Too bad you all didn't use that extra time the furloughs created by volunteering to help a worthy cause. You could even help the County and show that you care about it by helping clean up around the parks.

  3. I do volunteer every day for a worthy cause.

    I'm trying to organize everyone to donate some of their furlough time to the Barrett campaign. Then we'd be not only helping the county, but the entire state.