Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fred Dooley Goes 0 for 2

Boy, it's a tough night for the faux outraged conservatives. First the wannabe Team Walker's error in judgment.

Now, old Fred Dooley does his own whiff.

Dooley, the master of faux outrage and hypocrisy, snarks about an alleged liberal-on-conservative attack, supposedly because said conservatives were wearing his and hers Sarah Palin pledge pins.

The problem is, as the diva of conservative women, Michele Malkin, points out, they weren't actually wearing Palin pins. To her credit, she also points out that this might not even been anything more than "an old-fashioned New Orleans brawl."

Malkin is also correct in pointing out that the young couple deserves wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery, whatever the cause.

But the whole incident does remind me of another alleged liberal-on-conservative attack that was nothing but a hoax: The Case of the Backward B Attack.

But the whole Palin pin thing is Dooley's second boo-boo of the day. Zach at Blogging Blue has his first miss, which is good actually good advice for us all: Don't get your news from the Daily Nazi Digest.

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