Friday, April 23, 2010 is really Scott for Gov

Wisconsin Truth Project, which is authored by a distinctly conservative, but anonymous, blogger, has a post up discussing the psuedo-Team Walker blogsite, which turns out to be not so psuedo after all:

You see, most of all, my lack of sympathy stems from Scott4Gov’s now obvious lie – that it is independent of the Walker campaign (which they took the opportunity of the Bice column to reiterate – talk about guts). Every grassroots Republican in southeast Wisconsin knows that Schulze has been a key member of Walker’s inner circle for years. I have no idea if he has been on the payroll in any way, but if it’s supposed to be a secret that he’s been providing political advice to Walker and his campaign team, it’s the most poorly kept secret in Milwaukee County.

That means Scott4Gov is lying to its readers. If you can’t believe their claim to be independent, how can you believe anything they post?

And how can Mark Belling run with anything spoon-fed to him by these people and still trust them as a reliable source? That’s another post for another day.

Personally, I like Scott Walker and believe he would be a fine governor. But I am sick and tired of being treated like an idiot by the Walker campaign. So I’m supposed to believe that Scott4Gov is “independent” of the Walker campaign when one of Walker’s political advisors gets caught red-handed as one of its contributors?

Don’t patronize me.

Stupid unforced errors like this that will cost Walker the election when he’s in the big time this fall.

Walker should show some leadership and do one of two things: 1) Have his aides discontinue Scott4Gov; or 2) Officially annex Scott4Gov into his campaign, where it is apparently already coming from, and have the guts to apply his name to the slash-and-burn spin emanating from it.

Some time ago, I lamented the devolution of conservatism from the classy, intellectual movement of William F. Buckley, Jr. into the teeth-clenching, commercialized movement of Ann Coulter. Scott4Gov is a local embodiment of the angry conservatism that has saturated the Republican base and it’s sad that Walker’s people are trying to exploit the anger of the movement for political gain.

I've been suspicious of the make up of this group for some time, especially when it came to light that they have been receiving special treatment from Walker's administration, as pointed out by Cory Liebmann some time ago*:
Last year even an anonymous request was given preferential treatment from the Walker administration. Some shill for Walker's endless campaign for higher office sent a request directly to his official email. In it they asked for a copy of an email that was sent to Walker's office by our friend Capper. They also asked for any letters of response from the Walker administration. That request was not even signed by an actual person, only by "". That request was processed and the documentation sent via email in less than two hours. Not to mention that the Walker administration chose to waive all fees for the extra special service. What makes this even worse is that Walker's cult at "" got the response to Capper even before the Walker administration bothered to get it to Capper himself.
Said request was done in my capacity as Chair of Milwaukee County First. had their post up before I even received the email from the county executive's office.

I do believe that this is about to become much bigger than even I had anticipated.

*More fun. From Cory's post cited above, I noted this comment:
Interesting theory from the previous anonymous - also incorrect. I'm a poster on, and I can assure you the Walker people (unless they have done some extensive digging) don't know who I am. I haven't spoken to anyone in the County Exec's office or campaign in 2 years, to Scott for at least 3. Of course, I don't know everyone who is involved in County government or the campaign, so I could be wrong. ( I know I haven't spoken to Scott)
I also believe I know the lawyer at ATC that you are speaking of, and I can assure you that he/she is NOT a member of
Perhaps these liars might want to consider posting some retractions on their other lies as well.


  1. Wow! Is there anything, and I mean ANYTHING, in this post that is true and not based upon loosely gathered facts tied together by mere fantasy and wishful thinking?

    The first laughable item is the assertion that Steve Schultze is an adviser and insider to the Walker campaign, especially given the fact that Schultze was already caught (quite publicly I might add) conspiring against Walker over the Call Center takeover.

    The second laughable item is that Scottforgov is an aide to the Walker campaign. Do you really think the Walker campaign would make such an obviously dumb tactical decision? I know who runs the site, and he is NOT on the campaign roster or staff for that matter.

  2. Who is talking about "Steve Schultze"?? Try again...

  3. Actually, Aaron, you made quite a number of mistakes. Besides the wrong Schulze, you are wrong about Steve Schultze's supposed collaboration, and you're not being honest about the bloggers.

    For someone that is a published columnist like yourself, you play awfully fast with the facts.

  4. Reality must be really unpleasant for you.

  5. Besides being an inept accountant, lawyer, and investigator I see you are adding fortune telling to your failed endeavors.

  6. 2 things are clear now. 1) People inside the county executive office know the people behind The open records request issues make that clear. 2) People associated with Walker's campaign are intimately involved in The admission by John Schulze in the Journal Sentinel makes that clear. is simply a clearinghouse for utilizing opposition research aimed at their opposition, whether it be Mark Neumann or Tom Barrett.

    Now that the truth is out, I hope Scott Walker will own up to this mess and put an end to If he wants to attack his opponents, he should do it through the campaign or individuals who are willing to put their name to whatever attacks are made.

    However, I'm assuming will continue. If that's the case, then "Friends of Scott Walker" should be held accountable for every attack, claim and post coming forth from this blog. It's that simple.

    Scott Walker, you cannot have it both ways.

  7. Capper,

    I am not lying about Scottforgov. I know you want it to be true because it would make a good anecdote, but you need some evidence other than a open-records request that came more quickly than a blogger who sent a broad-spectrum request to the county expecting a magically quick response.

  8. There is enough evidence for cause to suspect, at the very least, collaboration.

    Schulze (John, not Steve) admitted to writing for the blog and he is a known adviser.

    Between the questionable statements from them on this issue, I find no reason to not hold onto my strong skepticism.

  9. Okay, believe whatever you want.