Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Milwaukee County Pink Blizzard Alert

I have a feeling that soon Milwaukee County will be under a pink slip blizzard warning from the job service bureau.

All the conditions are right for a blizzard of pink slips for Milwaukee County.

There is high pressure moving in. This pressure comes from the most recent poll, which shows that Scott Walker and Mark Neumann are in a virtual tie in their race to become the victorious, if bloodied and broke, Republican nominee to go down in flames to Tom Barrett. (Yes, I know the poll also says both Republicans lead Barrett, but Barrett hasn't even run one commercial compared to their seven combined contributions to TV spam. Even with that, xoff points out why this poll doesn't really matter.)

Adding to this is the fact that any day, they will be coming out with the first quarter numbers for Milwaukee County's budget. Given the events of last year, when Walker proved that he couldn't count to ten without his fingers and someone helping him in the rough spots (like going from five to six), the budget is sure to be even deeper in the red, both in real numbers and in Walker numbers.

Further adding to the unstable employment climate is that soon Walker will be gearing up for his blatantly unethical, corporate-sponsored campaign bike ride, conveniently moved up by more than a month to hook up with the Wisconsin Republican Convention. Walker will want to walk into the convention with a feather in his cap to show everyone that he still believes he doesn't have to earn the win, but that he is the Ordained One. That feather, in Walker's estimation, should be hundreds of pink slips given to county workers whose only fault is having a county executive that wants to be governor, and wants to treat the unions like they're the new Jim Doyle.

But it won't be only county workers that will be getting pink slips due to Walker's ineptitude and malfeasance. It will be tens of thousands of workers in the Milwaukee County area who will be losing their jobs when bus routes get slashed, keeping workers from their jobs and shoppers from the stores. Walker's political gaming will also have many ripple effects as services get severely cut, if not completely eliminated.

If you don't believe me, just as a county supervisor, who gets to see the numbers not being released, yet warn that it is going to get much worse.

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