Monday, April 26, 2010

Faux Walker Blog Under More Fire

Last Friday, I shared the thoughts of a conservative blogger about the faux Team Walker blogsite.

Flavius Valerius Constantinus, the nom de blog of the author of Wisconsin Truth Project, has further thoughts to share on the pseudo-campaign site:

Just last week, Scott4Gov cut loose with a profound pronouncement on… wait for it… the Mark Neumann campaign’s devious plot to amass Facebook friends.

Yep – that’s right. Conservatives are mired in a battle for our survival – and the survival of the principles that have built America – and the Walker campaign is talking about how one of their opponents is getting his Facebook friends.


Scott4Gov make no bones about the fact that they’re conservatives. Problem is, they rarely argue issues. Their blog seems to be reserved for the usual politically-underhanded vitriol and trashing of opponents – not discussion of issues. Garbage like this is what has made conservatives unappealing to everyday voters.

Worse, their material is insulting to the intelligence of every conservative and feeds the perception that conservatism is dying as a viable, mainstream political ideology in Wisconsin and America. On Scott4Gov, you will see no deep discussion about how to eliminate Wisconsin’s structural budget deficit… no serious detailed policy proposal about revitalizing small business… no honest breakdown of the impact of government regulations on the common man.

In short, blogs like Scott4Gov are part of the problem for conservatism. They only serve to feed the general perception that conservatives are out for power for themselves – instead of the truth that conservatism empowers the individual and creates a pathway to wealth and opportunity for anyone willing to work hard.

It’s sad that so many conservatives have fallen for this crap. Our movement may have a good year at the ballot box in 2010, but we have much deeper long-term issues that need to be addressed. And the red meat being served up by Scott4Gov is part of the problem.

It's sites like and the anonymous trolls that have been pestering and sock-puppeting me, as well as other liberal bloggers, that are hurting Walker almost as much as his track record is.

But Walker must be OK with people like this supporting him, because he has done nothing to distance himself from that tripe.

AFTERWORD: Another prime example for Flavius: Biden doing Barrett's biding.[sic] I tell you, if Tom Barrett, as Mayor, can get the Vice-President of the United States to do what he wants, imagine how much he could get done as governor! Meanwhile, Walker can't even keep people working for him unless he pulls them off his campaign staff.


  1. I've heard that more names are coming out about those behind Someone is obviously talking from the "inside."

  2. Right, bitchtits. Anyone who thinks you're a fat fucking asshole who plays loose with facts is an obvious Walker employee.

    Have another donut.

  3. I guess stomper is a nickname coming from his temper tantrums.

  4. Stomper is probably a Milwaukee Police Officer who thinks he is going to get a cushy security detail with Walker if he wins the election. No wonder he has dounts on his little mind.

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  6. Ah. Did I hit on something? I thought so.

  7. Your first comment says a lot about your level of immaturity, but to attack an innocent child goes beyond the pale. Now, I'm going back to my lunch. Please take your pathetic childish behavior elsewhere.

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  9. I visit Scottforgov every day. They hit a lot of issues every time they call out Neumann or Barrett.

    In fact, the mystery man behind the site is probably the best blogger in Wisconsin when it comes to digging for information. He doesn't just re-report the news, he literally breaks news.

  10. Stomper,

    I told you, we don't allow racism here either. You truly are a shame to the badge, if you are even qualified to where one. Based on your comments, I don't think you'd ever qualify.


    All that would do, if it were true, is indicate that they are either part of Team Walker or are known to them, and are just parroting what they are being fed. Really, they aren't that smart.

    And whatever happened to concertina?

  11. "In fact, the mystery man behind the site is probably the best blogger in Wisconsin when it comes to digging for information. He doesn't just re-report the news, he literally breaks news."

    Examples please. What breaking news did they break? What special talent do the people behind scottforgov have? They get spoon fed the information from Walker's team and then they post it on the www. Wow. FYI that is not breaking news. That is spreading gossip and rumors.

  12. If any one cares, Stomper is still stomping around having hissy fits. If the language wasn't so crude, it would actually be funny.