Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cheap Trick Stands Tall

Bang, Zoom, Crazy...Hello

By Jeff Simpson 

Here at CogDis we have brought you numerous stories of the paid ASSassins in the political world.who go to the higest bidder, the most recent being former head of the party Mike Tate who for a few pieces of silver jumped on board with an anti worker "Democrat" campaign and had no problem smearing old friend Chris Larson on a daily basis.  

I hear the same old excuses, its a job.   They are political operatives who need to work etc....

Well not everyone compromises their values for money.

That is why Cheap Trick recently stepped up and showed us what true character and a moral compass is:

“The Republican National Committee called our office and offered us $100,000 to play at their convention in Cleveland [this summer],” Zander says. “We turned it down. Then we had second thoughts. Maybe we should have accepted it – but we would all have got swastika guitars made.”
“We thought better of it,” Petersson adds, smiling a little.
They turned down $100,000 to play at the Republican Convention, because their beliefs and values meant more to them.  

Now would be a good time to dwnload their latest CD  
Bang, Zoom, Crazy … Hello is out now on Big Machine.

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