Friday, April 22, 2016

Lyin' Ryan: I'm Better Than Boehner

Lyin' Paul Ryan did an interview with CNN and compared himself to his predecessor, John Boehner:
Paul Ryan wants everyone to know he's no John Boehner.

"I think I do it better," the House speaker told CNN during an interview this week, adding that his leadership style is different than his predecessor, whose resignation last year shocked Washington. "Not to knock John, but I spend more time with all of our members on a continual basis."
Ryan, the GOP's vice presidential nominee in 2012, has won over conservatives by trying to showcase a more inclusive leadership style than Boehner. But he's still beset by the same internal divisions that led to Boehner's ouster -- as his party struggles to push through a number of bills on pressing matters, ranging from the Puerto Rico debt crisis to the budget.
Well, yeah, he might be talking to all of these people but he is hardly winning them over.

Ryan's honeymoon as the speaker lasted for only about a month before he got Boehnered by his fellow Republicans started making demands of Ryan in order to get an emergency budget bill passed.

To further exemplify how much of a failure Ryan is at being the great unifier that he promised to be, he failed to get enough votes to pass a budget by April 15, as required by law. Ryan's problem was again the extremists that felt that he didn't do enough to harm poor people, the elderly and the disabled.

In fact, the Teapublicans are so incensed with Ryan that he is going to be primaried this year:
Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen announced Tuesday that he is the tea party-allied candidate who is challenging House Speaker Paul D. Ryan in the Republican primary, saying he’s “had it” with the speaker betraying conservatives.


“Paul Ryan’s embrace of big government spending, his continued support of illegal immigration and imported workers, and his championing of the job-killing trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership betrays me, this district, and this nation,” he said.

“He’s failed to put America’s security and American jobs first. I’ve had it. We’ve all had it,” said Mr. Nehlen, a successful executive, entrepreneur and inventor who previously donated to Mr. Ryan’s campaigns.
Now one has just got to wonder how in the world is Ryan supposed to find the time to draft his list of demands to agree to become the Republican presidential nominee when he is to busy trying to herd cats.

A more honest comparison between Ryan and Boehner would give Ryan the edge in only the fact that Ryan doesn't have orange skin...yet.

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  1. It is not boner's fault that he spent less time with all of repug members on a continual basis. All any teabaggers had to do was go to the bars where this drunken alcololic spent his time.

    If they really wanted to see him, they just had to bring a hip flask of booze -- see for yourself:

    Lyin' Ryan is tellin' more lies...