Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Get Thee Out To Vote! (And Vote For These People)

Happy Voter Suppression Day!

Polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm and make sure you bring your picture ID.

And when you go to the polls, vote for these people:

President: Bernie Sanders (Feel the Bern!)  (If you have to vote for a Republican, vote for John Kasich)

Wisconsin Supreme Court: JoAnne Kloppenburg because Becky Bradley isn't fit to sit on a park bench much less the highest bench in the state.

Milwaukee County Executive: Chris Larson because this is still a democracy, not a plutocracy.

Milwaukee County Supervisors:

District 1: Theodore Lipscomb
District 2: Sequanna Taylor
District 4: Marina Dimitrijevic
District 5: Marcella Nicholson
District 9: Steve Taylor
District 11: Patricia Najera
District 12: Peggy Romo West
District 13: Willie Johnson, Jr.
District 14: Jason Haas
District 15: Eddie Cullen
District 16: John Weishan, Jr.
District 17: Anthony Staskunas
District 18: Martha De La Rosa

Milwaukee County Circuit Courts:

Branch 31 Hannah Dugan
Branch 45: Jean Kies

City of Milwaukee

Mayor - Tom Barrett


District 2: Chevy Johnson
District 4: Bob Baumann
District 7: Khalif Rainey
District 8: Justin Bielinski
District 11: Tim Kenney
District 13: Terry Witkowski
District 14: Tony Zielinski


  1. And vote YES for your local school referendum, odds are good that your district is in the ballot!

  2. I felt a Burn'ing sensation so I Klopp'ed on down to the voting booth to get cured.

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  4. I was surprised at the level of turn-out at my polling place about 8:20 a.m. - I was voter 104 in Ward 276 (far SW side of MKE), normally I'm like voter 14 to 17. May my votes for the candidates of my choice count and my grandad getting bashed in the head by a cop's baton during one of the 1930's Case strikes in Racine not be in vain.

  5. Thankfully Bradley and Abele retained their seats. Sad Tom is gonna stay mayor, but can't get everything I guess!!!

  6. Prediction Made on March 31: Abele 56%; Larson 44%. Any takers?

    Results determined on in a record-setting vote on April 5: Prediction: Abele 56%; Larson 44%.

    Back to work, Liebenthal.

  7. Blaka... you’re in on the election fraud?