Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Immoral Sheriff Clarke

By Jeff Simpson

I think I want to run for office in Wisconsin.  It seems like the perfect way to get numerous taxpayer funded  vacations to see the world.  The latest is Milwaukee's own Sheriff David Clarke.  Sheriff Clarke was inexplicably in New York and found his way once again onto the Fox and Friends show.

The good people of Milwaukee had to fly the "Democratic" Sheriff out to New York for some very urgent pressing business.  To call Hillary Clinton a racist because she likes hot sauce.

You absolutely can not make this stuff up.  

 And although many news outlets have noted that Clinton has had a long-documented obsession with hot sauce, conservative media seized on the comments as evidence that she was pandering.On Thursday, the hosts of Fox & Friends asked Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who is black, to weigh in.
“I’m surprised she didn’t say watermelon,” Clarke opined, referring to a racist stereotype. “Just go all the way.”
“You know, this stuff is dehumanizing,” he argued. “It’s embarrassing, it’s disgusting.
The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department Code of Conduct is very clear. 

Personal-Professional Capabilities
Police officers will be responsible for their own standard of professional performance and will take every reasonable opportunity to enhance and improve their level of knowledge and competence.
 Through study and experience, a police officer can acquire the high level of knowledge and competence that is essential for the efficient and effective performance of duty. The acquisition of knowledge is a never ending process of personal and professional development that should be pursued constantly. 
Private Life
Police officers will behave in a manner that does not bring discredit to their agencies or themselves. A police officer's character and conduct while off duty must always be exemplary, thus maintaining a position of respect in the community in which he or she lives and serves. The officer's personal behavior must be beyond reproach.

It is kind of hard to enforce the Code of Conduct when the Boss breaks it on a daily basis.

But wait....There is more!  

Speaking of Dehumanizing, embarrassing and disgusting.... SHEriff Clarke is about to cost the taxpayers of Milwaukee a whole lot of money....

See under Sheriff Clarke's rule, the Standard Operating Procedure for women giving birth in jail(there have been 36 of them) has been to make the women give birth while their hands and feet were shackled.   Sheriff Clarke treated his female inmates so poorly that right wing extremist Federal Judge Randa, allowed a class action(with up to 300 women) proceed.  

There is a chance that Sheriff Clarke had no idea what was going on in the prison he runs, because he is constantly on right wing radio or TV.  He could have been too busy talking to Charlie Sykes to actually do his job.  

However know or not, the responsibility lies with him.   

A federal judge is allowing a former Milwaukee County jail inmate who is alleging in a lawsuit she was shackled during childbirth to make class action allegations on behalf of pregnant women or new mothers who also were shackled by county jailers.
The county acknowledged in a court filing that the woman was restrained by handcuffs and a leg restraint while she was in labor and by a handcuff while she was delivering.
There could be as many as 300 women in the class -- which the suit defines as women hospitalized for labor, delivery, or post-partum medical care since February 2010 --  if the lawsuit is allowed to proceed as a class action, the woman's lawyers said in a court filing. Thirty-six jail inmates gave birth between Jan. 1, 2010, and Feb. 19, 2016, according to federal court documents.
The jail is under the jurisdiction of Sheriff David Clarke.
Shackling women in the weeks surrounding giving birth is opposed by the American Correctional Association, the American Bar Association, the American Public Health Association, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American College of Nurse Midwives, and the World Health Organization, the suit said. The US Marshals Services and the Federal Bureau of Prisons has sharply restricted the use of restraints on pregnant women, the suit said.

It takes a real strong man to shackle a woman who is giving birth.  No wonder he wears such a big fake cowboy hat.  He is all hat and no cattle as the saying goes.   I guess if they can push the woman choking David Prosser to the Supreme Court, the WOW counties truly have no standards when it comes to their elected officials.  

It is time for Sheriff Clarke to resign/  



  1. His mother must be so proud vote him out

  2. It sure is funny that the Sheriff's Code of Conduct refers to "police officers" not deputies. He's not even smart enough to write his own policies, he has to steal them from a police department? He could have at least read the policy and inserted "deputy" for "police officer".

  3. What do the WOW counties have to do with electing the Milwaukee County Sheriff?

  4. If he's a democrat, I'm a rhinoceros.