Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Republicans Are In The Can

By Jeff Simpson 

On 4/20 it is fitting to bring back an old comedy bit from Cheech & Chong.  It is also fitting that the character in the bit's last name is elephant.

The Transgender bathroom debate has been ramped up lately.   North Carolina has recently passed an Anti-LGBQT law and it has cost the state Millions of dollars of commerce.

 Everyone from PayPal, to Ringo Starr to Lionsgate films to Bruce Springsteen, to numerous municipalities banning non essential travel to NC.  

North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law is already costing the state’s tourism industry millions of dollars.The bill, signed by Gov. Pat McCrory (R) last month, prevents local municipalities from passing anti-discrimination protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals. The bill also requires transgender people to use public restrooms that correspond to the gender on their birth certificate.
Why would they pass a law that specifically targets a group of people who need our help and this could never happen in Wisconsin right?  

The answers are simple, the GOP is the part of big government and want to make sure that everyone in America behaves the way they tell you to.  

Not the way they act of course, as more GOP politicians have been arrested in bathrooms for sexual misconduct than trans people.  They did not even include "Bathroom" Bob Donovan who had his own run ins in public bathrooms of Milwaukee.     Many supporters of these anti- LGBQT laws rushed to the polls to vote for Bathroom Bob for Mayor of Milwaukee.  Luckily for all involved he lost.

As for could this happen here?  If the Republicans keep control of all three branches of Government after the November elections(they have adjourned for the year weeks ago) count on it.  See they have already proposed such a bill(except a little more extreme) that is currently sitting in committee.  Not only will they bully all transgender people in Wisconsin but they also will force the Justice Department to spend countless dollars defending all lawsuits will inevitably come.    

Transgender students would be barred from using school bathrooms or locker rooms assigned to the gender with which they identify, under a bill being proposed by two Republican lawmakers.Rep. Jesse Kremer, R-Kewaskum, and Sen. Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, are proposing to require school boards to designate bathrooms and locker rooms as being for one gender exclusively, and to require the state Department of Justice to defend  school districts in lawsuits alleging the policy is discriminatory.

Hard to be open for business when you pass bills that cost your state hundreds of millions of dollars of commerce.   Even Chris Abele gets it.

Abele says protecting transgender rights goes beyond moral responsibility.
"If people care about economic development, the largest demographic in the United States in U.S. history is millennials," he says. "And this issue is settled for millennials. What do we talk about all the time? How do we attract the best and brightest, young, creative talent? Well, you know how you don't do it? You show that you're a closed-minded, intolerant state."
Of course his support of Anti-LGBQT politicians says a different story but thats another blog.    

Now that we see Republican policies in action and working to destroy North Carolina, when asked for comments on if they still plan on pushing their anti commerce, anti business bully law, the authors Rep Kremer and Sen. nASS did exactly what you would think they would do.


 We reached out to the Wisconsin lawmakers who introduced the bill regulating the use of school bathrooms, and other state leaders who said they'd support it. All were unable to do an interview.
Maybe next session we could introduce a bill that says GOP lawmakers are not allowed to be in a public restroom and we would all be a little safer!  

In the end, all our LGBQT friends want to so is "go to the can, man" so they will no longer be so afraid to use the bathroom.  

Until then, we need the electorate this November to


 Editor Note;  If all of the hate preached by the GOP these days is getting to to you, check out this article and you can restore your faith in humanity.  

4) If said straight men could be trusted not to do bad things to women, we wouldn’t be having any of these conversations. As a Christian I’m disappointed that we aren’t talking about that in our churches and on campaign trails, or making bold public statements about that. I’m profoundly saddened that high-profile evangelists and pastors aren’t facing this real monster with the same sustained ferocity they attack an imagined one with.
Women are in exponentially higher danger of being sexually assaulted by a boyfriend or a classmate than a stranger in a bathroom and it isn’t even close.

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