Thursday, April 28, 2016

Walker, GOP To Strengthen Chokehold On State Supreme Court

After seeing his colleague, Patrick Crooks, die in office and after the death of Antonio Scalia, Wisconsin Supreme Court Injustice David "Choke Hold" Prosser has announced his retirement before he becomes number three:

The gentle reader would be smart to wonder if this move was just a retirement and not a political move by the Wisconsin GOP. Since Scott Walker's appointee Rebecca Bradley and her corporate sponsors successfully bought her election in the spring, the state supreme court would be able to avoid the deadlock we see at the United States Supreme Court. Furthermore, whomever Walker anoints, er, appoints as Prosser's successor would be safe until at least 2020, when the next election would be for that seat on the bench.

All of this naturally leads to speculation on whom Walker will anoint, er, appoint at his masters' bidding.

While no names have been floated out there yet, rest assured that this person already as a predated application sitting on Walker's desk.

A couple of names that immediately comes to mind would include Jim Troupis, whom Walker appointed to circuit court last year. Troupis' "qualifications" include working on the GOP's gerrymandering scheme as well as successfully defending Walker's Act 10, the right to work law for public sector employees.

Another name worth watching would be Brian Hagedorn, Walker's former state solicitor, whom Walker appointed to the appellate court last year, despite his only qualification being keeping Walker from having to face accountability in the John Doe investigations.

Whomever Walker appoints to the seat, rest assured that they will have taken a vow to protect and serve their corporate sponsors, the GOP agenda and will never, ever let that silly old constitution get in the way of their mission.

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