Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Turncoat Tate

By Jeff Simpson

I recently gave my thoughts on what happened during the primary election where Wisconsin elected a homophobic bigot to the Supreme Court.   

Mike McCabe also gave his assessment of what happened.

I know you are frustrated by the outcome of the state Supreme Court election. I am at wit’s end too. I want to spew expletives from the rooftops, but will try to speak my piece as gently and respectfully as I can.
Another election, another round of venting and fuming about stupid, unthinking people voting against their own interests. You ask for the umpteenth time how long will it take for them to wake up and see they are being sold down the river.
The thing is, Mike McCabe is not an insider, which makes him an outsider and according to the insiders in the WISDEMS, that makes him a larger threat to their hold of their small slice of pie than the WISGOP.

Witness this from former Wisconsoin Democratic Party head Mike Tate!

That is a rant for the ages, and aimed at Mr. McCabe but too cowardly to mention him by name,  When there is someone who wants to get money out of politics, it seriously infringes on people who are bloodsuckers in politics and want a piece of that pie.

A quick background on Mike Tate, he was former head of the Wisconsin Democratic Party and when he left last summer, went to work for Milwaukee County Exec Chris Abele, where he was given $5,000,000 to smear his opponent.  

The Ironic thing is while Mr. Tate is talking about winning elections, giving to candidates and driving turnout.  Mike was turning the County Exec race very dirty and smearing his old friend Chris Larson(who supported Tate for party chair) as a Walker clone.   In this race, there was no doubt that Chris Larson was the Progressive candidate next to anti-labor Chris Abele.

 The research shows that the biggest benefit of dirty campaigning is to drive down turnout.   How many people stayed home because of the fiasco that was the county executives race?  

The absolute most ironic thing of the year is this:
"unless you gave whatever you could to the Kloppenburg campaign and not Bernie or Hillary, I just don't think you get to complain.  $5 to Kloppenburg would have gne alot further than to Bernie...."

the records of Mike McCabe's old site, we see exactly how much Mike Tate gave to Kloppenburg so he could be allowed to complain:   

The answer 

Yes Mr. Tate was paid well and given a $5 Million dollar budget and decided to not send a single penny to Ms. Kloppenburg.

With friends like Mike Tate, who needs enemies?


  1. Let's go one further on that. Tate was doing his work in Milwaukee County. Let's go to the stats on April 5 from Milw Co

    62% of voters were in Dem primary.
    Kloppenburg got 55%.

    Nowhere else did she underperform that badly. In the one area she could not afford to underperform in.

    Little Man Tate failed as much as anyone, as he always has. But as always, it's the voters' fault, and not his

    1. And now it's Mike McCabe's fault too. Which is a load of do.

      Blue Jean Nation followers are some of the most engaged, voting activists I know. They are the ones rolling up their sleeves, knocking on doors, making phone calls, training on messaging, holding meetings and rallies in support of progressive candidates, including Kloppenburg.

      Mike Tate is all talk. Always has been.

    2. One thing is clear...Tate and his former regime absolutely loathe Mike McCabe. Personally I don't agree with everything McCabe advocates for, but people in glass houses probably shouldn't throw stones at him.

  2. "It's always someone else's fault.Can I blow you again Mr.Abele? This time I'll swallow. I promise. Hey Jake Hajdu. Can you cup his balls?" - Mike Tate

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  4. I'm not a fan of McCabe.

    But Tate? A man who'd rather be on top of a losing organization instead of sharing power in a majority party. Look at Tate's support of Abele (including having him as a keynote DPW speaker in 2011)... And he's been trying to slither his way back into the Dem power structure in the state, trying to use his connections to steer which candidates get funded and which don't.

    Tate should have been banished from Dem power structure along with his creator Jim Doyle.

  5. Tate is the reverse-halo man, fracks up and fracks up and still insinuates himself ever deeper in the DPW.

  6. I've been told repeatedly now that 14% of Bernie's voters didn't vote for the Supreme Court race. Where did those numbers come from? I've never lived anywhere with such a huge information blackout as Wisconsin.

    1. Those numbers were made up by diehard Hillary Clinton backers and Tate-type apologists. They're not founded in reality. The reality is that the Republicans and their right-wing radio machine simply turned out a lot more people.

      "Kloppenburg didn't want the party's help", yet that didn't mean the DPW had to lie back and do nothing, did it?

      Personally I did give $50 to the Kloppenburg campaign. It will be a while before I make any more contributions to the DPW.

  7. Also note 158,000+ people who voted for any presidential candidate, did not vote for either Supreme court candidate.
    This is partially the result of the DEM Party doing little voter education.
    If Bernie is not on the ballot in November, I'm betting because of county party HRC bias leadership, we have lost the Bern people forever.
    In MKE up to November, the staunch HRC supporter Chairperson Marlene Ott, would not allow a vagarious debate between the Berners & HRC supporters.
    Thus the party did not welcome these new to this business Bernie supporters. A big portion of these new people, were new to the process and will be lost.
    - Lost, because the regular party did not welcome them.. .
    AGAIN, AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. - History repeating itself, because the lesson was NOT learned the last time and many times before that.. .

  8. All my correspondence from the Wis Dem and national Dems gets this in reply, right after I remind them that I now only support individual candidates directly, rather than giving money to the party, because they might use that money for Hillary or Ron Kind or Debby Wasserman Schultz and the rest of the business as usual DINOs: “We know you abandoned working families 30 years ago and we are sick and tired of it. You talk about representing us then help the Republicans do their dirty business of siphoning our pockets and delivering our nation into the paws of Wall Street. We see — and reject — your corruption.”