Monday, April 18, 2016

Christian Schneider Fact Free Fraud

By Jeff Simpson 

Christian Schneider is at it again. Pushing his right wing propaganda, This time, he even uses some real numbers(and bad math) but swings and misses on the actual point.

Schneider is sent out to tell us, the line that every right winger in WIsconsin, could not wait to tell as often as possible(emphasis mine).  

But if voter ID was intended as a voter suppression tool, it has failed miserably.  In Tuesday’s spring primary elections – elections that the Journal Sentinel called a “test” for the new voter ID law - voting spiked sharply.  Further, as of Tuesday night, no reports had surfaced of people not being able to vote because they lacked proper identification.

Like everything else Schneider rights there was not much truth to his whole story.  We know that in the February primaries, a Veteran of Iwo Jima was a war hero when he fought for our country but was unable to vote in WI!  

In her letter, Bradley said her uncle had fought at Iwo Jima, the bloody World War II battle that was immortalized in a photo of the U.S. flag being raised on the tiny Pacific island. Tuesday marked the 71st anniversary of the 1945 flag raising.Bradley's uncle, Leo Olson of Reedsburg, tried to use his veterans ID card to vote in last week's primary for a seat on the state Supreme Court, but that form of identification can't be used under the state's voter ID law. 
Olson does not have a driver's license.

In the last election, a 58 year old African American Wisconsinite, was unable to vote despite the fact he had three different forms of ID with him:

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said his state’s strict new voter-ID requirement worked “just fine” in the April 5 primary, but thousands of Wisconsinites were unable to cast a ballot because of the new law. One of them was Eddie Lee Holloway Jr.
Holloway, a 58-year-old African-American man, moved from Illinois to Wisconsin in 2008 and voted without problems, until Wisconsin passed its voter-ID law in 2011. “I never miss voting,” he said. He brought his expired Illinois photo ID, birth certificate, and Social Security card to get a photo ID for voting, but the DMV in Milwaukee rejected his application because the name on his birth certificate read “Eddie Junior Holloway,” the result of a clerical error when it was issued.

But wait there is more!!  They also disenfranchised a blind man:

Leroy Switlick has voted for 46 years in his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But Switlick, who is legally blind, was unable to obtain a piece of photo identificationthat would comply with the state’s strict new voter ID law to cast a regular ballot in Tuesday’s primary.  
Then there was the case of the woman who moved her 5 months ago from Illlinois and she has a disability that limits her movement:

Kari Venteris of Madison also had to vote with a provisional ballot Tuesday. The 41-year-old has a disability that makes it difficult for her to get around; she moved from Illinois to Wisconsin in December and hadn’t yet had a chance to get a Wisconsin driver’s license. When a friend told her that she actually couldn’t vote with her Illinois license, she contacted Wisconsin’s chapter of Election Protection. Her birth certificate is in Illinois, so she wasn’t able to get an acceptable form of photo ID before the primary. 
Or The 22 year old member of the Ho-Chunk nation who tried to use his tribal ID card:

 Ben Krause-Decorah, a 22-year-old member of the Ho-Chunk Nation who lives in Waukesha, interacted with some confused or uneducated poll workers when he went to vote Tuesday. He presented his tribal identification card, which Wisconsin considers an acceptable form of photo ID to vote, but the poll workers he interacted with asked him if his ID was “real” and requested that he use his driver’s license instead, saying it would be “easier for everyone” if he didn’t try to use his tribal ID.

Like every law passed by the WISGOP, other red states keep mysteriously passing the exact same laws. They do not work any better, anywhere else.  

Schneider, and the rest of the WISGOP, also pretend that this never happened.  

 It does not surprise me that Christian Schneider once again plays loose with the facts, it also does not surprise me that Mr. Schneider is blind to the plight of minorities, veterans and the disabled in our community(interestingly, the exact same groups of people opponents of voter ID said would be affected).

It does however, surprise me that Mr. Schneider is continually allowed to spew fact free propaganda from a newspaper that is desperately attempting to be credible.  

The question we have to ask ourselves, is-- How many Americans being denied their Constitutional right to vote is acceptable?  


  1. Sorry, it isn't the Walker hack, misnamed "Christian" Schneider that is " it again. Pushing his right wing propaganda."

    It is MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL which is the only reason a koch lackey and moron that cannot string together 2 coherent sentences leads the increasingly fascist state of Wisconsin.

    This propaganda tool leads Wisconsin's screeching right-wing echo-chamber. Sure, hate radio like WTMJ and WISN rally racists and inflame hate towards Milwaukee, but MJS is the go-to source for the rest of Wisconsin's media to transform Walker talking points into noooooze.

    Good post -- this comment is not meant to be critical -- you are spot-on. However, the real culprit here and the propaganda machine that created our divide-and-conquer governor is Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and they just happen to employ a lying liar and hack misnamed "Christian" Schneider.

    If it wasn't him, the would still publish the exact same lies and wing-nut disinformation. His job at MJS is to straddle the lines between news, teabaggin' talking points, and Walker's campaign.

  2. Why is it "silly?" Seems pretty spot on.