Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Week on the GOP Campaign Trail

By Jeff Simpson

The Donald has been nothing short of entertaining.  Of course I mean entertaining in the same sense as when you get stuck watching a terrible B movie that you just cant turn off(ie The Human Centipede) .

The horro show keeps getting worse and we have not even led up to the climax yet.   Let's recap a few of the most recent lowlights.

There was concerted effort by the Governor and all of the right wing hate talkers in WI(who knew they worked together so well?) to attack Trump and push Ted Cruz as the winner in the Republican WIsconsin Primary.  The WOW counties have a long history of doing exactly as they are told and this election was no exception and they pushed Ted Cruz to victory here.

Scott Walker made a big deal out of endorsing Ted Cruz, and had nothing good to say about The Donald.   Then Mr. Trump said he would consider Scott Walker as his Vice President and Scott Walker changed his tune quickly.   You could see the stars in his eyes immediately and Scott Walker started looking at the Donald the way Sandy looks at Danny.  I expected Walker to burst into a version of Summer Loving right there.   Expect to see Scott Walker wearing Don's letter jacket around shortly!

But wait there's more, wait there's more ....

The Donald Trump/Ted Cruz beetle battle has been ugly for ages and it seems like the closer the fight gets the uglier it gets.  Do not think that people have not noticed whats going on either.

People that have resented their circumstances for years now(lower pay, loss of jobs, higher taxes, schools hurting, etc...) have received the dog whistle from the Republican party but many of their ears were not trained and they did not pick up on it;   Now with this Republican primary, the whistel is put away and its been ok to be full blown racist/mysoginist/sexist and our kids are soaking it all in!

In a recent high school girls soccer game in WI, Where Beloit Memorial was playing Elkhorn, the students from Elkhorn started chanting "Donald Trump, build that wall" and "go back to where you came from.".   

Nice examples that they are setting.   I guess when your Governor governs like this, anything goes:

Interesting times we are living in, it is almost as if we are devolving as a society!

When it comes to Trump, there is more.

Thinking back to 2010, our very own dumb Senator Ron Johnson, when he was campaigning, praised Las Vegas hotelier Steve Wynn for moving jobs to China:

It seems like every time he opens his mouth, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson says something really really stupid. In an interview with the Wisconsin Radio Network on August 30, Johnson made it abundantly clear he believes communist China is a great place to do business, saying, “I’d encourage people to go onto Youtube and type in Steve Wynn. He does about a five-minute piece where he’s talking about- he’s the fellow who does Wynn resorts in Las Vegas. He’s also creating resorts in Macau in China, communist China. And his point is, the level of uncertainty, the climate for business investment is far more certain in communist China then it is in the U.S. here.”
Steve Wynn, not only supports RoJo but he is a big supporter of the Donald!

"Rich people only like being around rich people," he said. "Nobody likes being around poor people, especially poor people."
What a brilliant observation, who in History ever wanted to be around poor people?  God Bless

Finally, because there is only so much bad someone can handle in a day, This is Donald Trump from last night:

Umm Don - Joe Paterno is dead and he covered for a child predator for years.

In what has become common place at his rallies:

As his supporters filed out at the end of the rally, they and the protesters engaged in heated verbal confrontations, with supporters chanting "USA!" and "Build that wall!" and protesters shouting profanities. Police in riot gear separated the sides.
Pittsburgh police spokeswoman Emily Schaffer said there were some minor injuries, including to police officers, but she did not have additional details.
Among those hurt was an 18-year-old Trump supporter who was observed being led to an emergency medical services van and receiving treatment after he was pepper-sprayed in the face by a man his friends identified as a protester

Very Presidential!

I am scared to see how this is going to end!

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