Saturday, April 23, 2016

Let's HOPE School Choice Starts Doing Better Protecting the Kids!

By Jeff Simpson

Jim Bender is head of the poorly named "School Choice" Wisconsin.

Readers of CogDis may remember Mr. Bender as the guy who did an open records request on numerous school districts throughout the state where he asked for all of the kids, names, addresses, phone numbers, pictures, activities, height, weight, etc.....  

Luckily we were able to stop that, even if it did get Charlie Sykes knickers in a knot and he was successful in getting me kicked off of Purple WI.  We were successful in stopping some of Mr. Benders invasion of privacy of our children.

If you remember, I pointed out that now that Mr. Bender let it be known that this information was available to the world, thanks to some silly open records laws, anyone now has access to this information.  When I say anyone I mean anyone, people recruiting kids, cults and sexual predators.   I had no idea at the time that one was right under Mr. Benders nose.

 The dean of a Milwaukee choice school was charged Monday with sexually assaulting a girl over the past several years, the fifth area educator to face sexual assault charges since December.Jermaine A. Evans, 32, dean of students and coach of the girls basketball team at HOPE Christian High, was being held in the Milwaukee County Jail.

The complaint charges two counts of sexual assault of a child, once in 2013 and once in 2014. Each offense is punishable by up to 25 years in prison and 10 years of extended supervision.
HOPE Christian Schools is a network of six schools that participate in the Milwaukee and Racine voucher programs. Its high school, where Evans has been girls basketball coach the past four years, is at 3215 N. King Drive.

Evans is currently on PAID leave.  Your taxpayer dollars at work!

While as is typical, when horrible things like this happen, Jim Bender is no where to be found.

Yet he is quick to heap praise.

“It is really difficult to not have an appreciation for what’s happening on the north side at Hope Christian School,” said Jim Bender, president of Wisconsin School Choice, which advocates for Wisconsin’s growing parental choice program.

 Our Friends over at the also poorly named "Watchdog" even compared Hope Christian Schools to the John Wooden UCLA  championship winning college basketball teams.  

“The near north side of Milwaukee has probably one of the biggest racial learning gaps of anywhere in the country. (Hope) put their school in the heart of that area to specifically address that problem,” Bender added. “And they have this unbelievable group of staff that is so committed, and that’s obvious with 100 percent of the students accepted to college four years in a row.”
The staff was very committed thats for sure and now the Dean of Students will be committed(for about 50 years).  

Edit note:  Before I get the inevitable righty talking point of the success rate at HOPE Christian, understand that they are graduating about 30 kids a year.   Its much easier when you can pick and choose your kids and work with them more individually.  Unfortunately with the education cuts in WI and the bleeding of public education dollars by the for profit educationers like Mr. Bender that makes it impossible for public schools to give this intense personal education.       

Here is Mr. Bender(center) celebrating the ten year anniversary of Hope "Christian"schools taking unaccuntable taxpayer money to fund his salary and school.   That is school choice lobbyist Jeff Fitzgerald sitting next to him(Robin Vos missed the picture).  A list of School Choice VIP's are here.  

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