Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hillary's Losing Formula

By Jeff Simpson

An interesting article came out this weekend letting the Democratic party know that they should ignore the Bernie Sanders backers at their own peril. 

Nor are young people simply opposing things with easy slogans; they have overwhelmingly gathered behind Bernie’s standard this year. They preferred him to Hillary 84-14 in Iowa; that’s not a typo. Here’s a video from a *side street* next to Sanders’ rally in Washington Square Park, NYC this week.
And yet the older generation continue to shut younger voters out, denigrating their causes as pie in the sky. It’s amazing that they continue to make their voices heard, with all the institutional and media forces acting against them. Again, credit where credit is due.
Since Obama became President, Democrats have lost 13 net Senate seats, 69 House seats, 11 governorships, a whopping 913 state legislature seats and 30 state legislature chambers. No typos there either. In most of those categories, these are the biggest losses by a two-term President in history.

Then almost like clockwork this from the New York Times.

Despite the passions stirred during the primary, Mrs. Clinton does not feel pressure to enthrall the supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, since she thinks most of them would ultimately vote for her, an assertion backed up by polling. 
 You can not make this stuff up.   As we have found out, the one thing we learned this election season is that the Democratic Party does not have much affection for the Progressives in America.

 Over the past year, the insurgent political campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders has revealed quite a bit about the reasoning of partisan Democrats, and thus separated the progressives from the liberals. As a populist candidate who has refused support from Super PACs and big monied interests, Sanders has shined a light on the unpleasant reality that the Democratic party — and its likely presidential nominee — is almost as reliant on funding from billionaires and Wall Street as the detested Republican party is.How much will partisan Democrats be willing to forgive a Hillary Clinton administration? Many neoconservatives have already admitted that they prefer Clinton over Trump. At this rate, Clinton could fulfill most of Trump’s reactionary platform and still find widespread support among the Democratic faithful.
Earlier this week, the Clinton campaign accused Sanders “of trying to convince the next generation of progressives that the Democratic party is corrupt.” But do progressives really need to be persuaded that the Democratic Party is part of a corrupt political system, or that it is more reactionary than progressive on many issues? This is self-evident, and the Democratic party has done an excellent job over the past few decades making that case itself. The question is: how long will Democratic voters remain blindly loyal to their party?
One last thing, for the hillbots and Clintonistas who brag about the New York primary win....lets not go so fast. 

One good thing to know is that the elected officials in Wisconsin and most of our superdelegates side with Charlie Koch


  1. How can the DNC and individual state dem parties keep pretending that everything is fine? We have had our asses handed to us so many times it is ridiculous. People are fed up with their insider business as usual BS and they refuse to see it. The GOP is not the only party that is going to fall apart. If the elites running our party don't start paying attention to the plight of the average American, instead of constantly wooing the wealthy individuals and corporations that fund their campaigns, people will begin to leave the part en masse. The average American worker is hurting. The working poor are even worse off, and our parties leaders seem to have a "let them eat cake" attitude towards them all. If you are not a well educated and highly paid professional, you no longer matter to them.

  2. Now we know why democratic party of Wisconsin is in the tank for koch interests and put up such lame candidates and crappy campaign support. As a side-benefit, by merely being a punching bag that loses-loses-loses important races to solidify republican control of all branches of Government, they raise money from us little folk by lying that they stand for something different.

    President Clinton will be great for the congressional-military-industrial-oil-media complex of the 21st Century!