Sunday, April 24, 2016

Gordon Hintz Hates Sondy Pope

By Jeff Simpson

We brought you the story yesterday of how Gordon Hintz was so incensed that someone would dare to challenge Robb Kahl in a primary.

This is such a distraction," said Rep. Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh. "Think about this. Hopefully all 35 of us (Democrats in the Assembly) are going to come out strongly for Robb. Every dollar and every door that we do for our colleague is another dollar and another door that we’re not doing in a Republican district that we can win. When we pick up a seat or two fewer in the fall, I’m going to think about these so-called progressive hypocrites that went after this unnecessary seat to make themselves happy or to high-five their friends at the co-op."

The vision of 35 sitting assembly reps doing doors in a Democratic Stronghold to make sure their buddy gets reelected while letting reps such as Scott Krug, Andre Jacque and Robin Vos skate free, while passing a whole different group of young progressives doing doors for their candidate would explain everything you need to know about the end of the Wisconsin idea.

However as we say here, there is more....there is always more.

It seems as if Robb Kahl is not the only Democratic incumbent to have someone challenge them in a primary.   For instance, Representative Sondy Pope has TWO challengers.     Luke Joseph and Dale Yurs.  

Yet Mr. Hintz expects Sondy Pope to spend her time helping Robb Kahl(who probably has a zero percent chance of being beaten) get reelected.   Despite the best effort of the Solidarity singers and your local coop to hijack the election.  

So the question you have to ask is why is Robb Kahl untouchable but Sondy Pope should be left to twist in the wind?   Is it because she is a woman?  Or does he not want to work with someone who tragically lost his ability to walk?   Or maybe there are other reasons he is not telling us.  

Maybe the best thing to do is contact Gordon Hintz and ask him to explain and tell him he owes the people of the Democratic party an apology!

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