Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Trump Hate Train

By Jeff Simpson

Excellent video from Mother Jones!  

When you combine a snake oil salesman and reality tv "star" to a party that has been using dog whistles to win elections since the 70's and a deep resentment by some people that their President for the last 8 years has been a black man, this is what you get with those ingredients.   It is not going to get better either until Mr. Trump disappears from the public view.  He is playing a dangerous game and the GOP establishment is fueling him!  

Many in the GOP will come up with excuses like, Trump doesn't represent the party(well he won the nomination handliy).  There is no room in the GOP for misogyny, racism or sexism (again Trump won the nomination handily), or  Hillary would be worse!(I am no fan of Hillary but worse than Trump? )

While Hillary might have more love for fossil fuels and Wall St. than I am comfortable with, she does not act like a petulant child like Trump.  

Check out his official tweets:

Crooked Hillary and Dummy Bill Kristol, are some creative insults if they coming from a third graders mind.   Not remotely Presidential especially coming from a guy who said this:

Yes that is your 1810  2016 Republican Presidential nominee.    While Trump is responsible for his "great words", the GOP by electing him and not denouncing him are also just as guilty of the racism, pettiness, misogyny and sexism.  

As Paul Ryan says:

"Donald Trump should be given a ton of credit for advancing and widening the playing field," Paul Ryan(R-Wall St.) said. "He is bringing new voters to the Republican Party by the millions and that's very impressive."

Jim Sensenbrenner, Glenn Grothman and Sean Duffy all endorse this behavior:

"Donald Trump has won our nomination fair and square," U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner said.He told activists they need to back Trump to prevent having "three or more Ruth Bader Ginsburgs" on the Supreme Court.U.S. Reps. Glenn Grothman and Sean Duffy made similar appeals, saying Republicans had to make sure they kept Clinton out of the White House. Grothman said Republicans needed to build enthusiasm for Trump.

US one term Senator Ron Johnson also thinks this behavior is perfectly fine: 

 For his part, Johnson said in an interview he doesn't agree with Trump on issues such as temporarily banning Muslims from the United States, but added he and other Republicans see eye to eye with Trump on most major matters.

Scott Walker is eating this stuff up and upset he can not get away with what Trump does:

 "I will support the Republican running against (Democratic front-runner) Hillary Clinton in the fall — whoever that is," Walker said at a news conference in Wauwatosa on Wednesday morning.  Even if Trump is the nominee?  "Yeah," Walker said, declining to say Trump's name. "To me, I think it's preferable to have a Republican nominee over Hillary Clinton. 
Let's not forget that Wisconsin's leading Billionaire Heiress, Diane Hendricks,  has signed up to be VP of the Trump for President committee!  We are trying to confirm here at CogDis is Trump makes her wear a bikini when they have meetings!

Two of Gov. Scott Walker's top financial contributors were named Tuesday by Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus to the leadership team of a key fundraising committee to support Donald Trump.Diane Hendricks, a Beloit billionaire who is co-founder and chairman of ABC Supply, was picked as one of the vice chairs of Trump Victory committee. The committee will raise money for the RNC, the Trump campaign and 11 state party committees.   Elizabeth (Liz) Uihlein, president of Pleasant Prairie-based Uline Corp., was also named to the committee.

Why Diane Hendricks continues to serve on the Beloit College Board of Trustees is beyond me!  

GOP Senate "leader" Scott Fitzgerald also jumped aboard the train.

State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) called on Republicans to unite around Trump and work to ensure that the state's GOP delegates vote for the billionaire on the first ballot at the Republican National Convention this summer."We're on the Trump train now," Fitzgerald said, making the opening argument Wednesday in his party's internal debate.
We all know how Fitzgerald feels about high speed rail, so he jumped on the low speed backwards running Trump train. 

You have to ask yourself, is this the future we want for our children, or us?  Or America???   We can not afford to not only vote for Donald Trump, but for any politician who would put their party over the future of our Country.   

Please keep that in mind in November!   



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  3. I believe that at this point, anyone who still proudly calls themselves a republican can not possibly be a decent, caring, or moral person.

    If any of them disapprove of of the actions and agenda of the GOP's elected officials, its candidates and constituents, they should change their political affiliation, or at the very least, speak out against them.

    The GOP has devolved into a party of racists, homophobes, misogynists, xenophobes and "christian" extremists. The popularity of Donald Trump is all the proof I need to back up my statement.
    Over 80% of republicans that were polled say they support his candidacy.

    Any decent, caring person would have separated themselves from this collection of miscreants, paranoid delusionals and hate mongers long before now.

    1. Correct. THIS IS WHO THE GOP IS, and if you support them, you are condoning racism and hate. And you value low taxes and high inequality over common decency

      You don't get to deflect on this, righties. Put up or shut up