Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ah, Drinking And Liberals- What Could Be Finer?

'Tis that time again, my friends.

Come and join this group of liberals as we wonder:
  • Why Terrance Wall is running for Senator in Wisconsin, since all of his money is in Delaware,
  • If Scott Walker is really painting the ever-widening part (really bald spot) or if it is just oil dripping off his scalp,
  • What silly costume Mark Neumann will be wearing next,
  • If Jason "Big Daddy" Haas will ever stop talking about how grueling graduating from school and trying to get a real job is,
  • Just what the heck is Nick Schweitzer rambling on about now,
  • If Zach W. will show up so we can tell him how much we like love his work, and
  • If Boris is really the best name for the zygote growing in Stacie innards.
It will be in the usual DL time and at the usual DL bar:

Sugar Maple in the scenic Bay View
411 E. Lincoln Avenue
Wednesday, January 20th (30th according to Hassian calendars)
7 pm onwards.


  1. No one likes my work....who are you kidding?!?

  2. I stand corrected, as does the post.

    My most humble apologies, sir.

  3. I think Ivan is a much more appropriate name.

    Oh, and I'll be there.