Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Walker: He Said, He Said

Scott Walker tweeted this this morning:
"Stimulus failed to create jobs, economists say" Didn't we say that last year? http://ow.ly/10zoQ
Well, to be perfectly honest, he flip flops on the stimulus so much that he said that it helped and it didn't many times over. But I do recall that he touted using stimulus dollars in his so-called "Milwaukee Works" project in his 2010 Budget Address from last September:
Milwaukee County Works, in the Executive Office of Business Development, will partner with existing employers and new businesses to foster economic development and job growth.

In an effort to jumpstart our local economy, this budget accelerates the county building program by beginning $395 million for projects to be started by the end of 2010.

The plan includes $38.6 million to rebuild highways, bridges and roads; $142 million in Airport improvements; over $38 million for park improvements and over $25 million for county facility upgrades.

John Goetter, the Vice President of Graef USA, is here today. His firm did the engineering work on the David F. Schulz Aquatic Center we opened this summer.

Accelerating three years worth of construction work into the next 16 months will help folks like John put more people to work within Milwaukee County.

In fact, over 1,000 jobs will be created in order to complete the more than 100 projects funded for 2010 in the accelerated capital plan I am proposing today. In addition, we will save up to $3 million in interest expenses by utilizing the Build America bonds.
Does Walker have no sense of ethics at all? I realized that he has come so far in his career as a lifelong politician with his hypocrisy, but to be bald face lying like this. Sheesh.

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