Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Poor Darlings

What was that again about the rich carrying an unfair burden of the taxes in Wisconsin?

I don't think so.

H/T Brewtown Gumshoe


  1. Oh, look.

    Your progressive tax system isn't working.

    Nice job.

    Please notice that your local burden on the people - you know - the one that gives you morons a better wage, health and pension program is the driving the property tax.

    Good job!!!

    You are screwing the taxpayers and you simply cannot stop whining when they tell you they cannot afford it.

  2. You're right it's not. It's too dependent on the working class. We got to get the conservatives out so we can have a better system.

  3. Anyone who has spent about 5 seconds in the real world knows:

    taxing the middle class is THE most productive money-machine for Govermnent.

    I know this requires thought...but look at the chart on the webpage.

    Compare the (few) numbers of "rich" folk to the (very large) numbers of 'middle class.'

    No different than the CEO story of yesterday. Take every single dollar of income (INCOME, not tax) away from the Johnson Wax family and distribute it evenly across all the other Wisconsin taxpayers and each one will get about $50.00.

    Best way: eliminate County governments.

  4. Dad, you poor miserable soul-

    Your right, it is no different than yesterday. Take those millions and create hundreds of jobs, and you have people spending more money, lowering the tax burden on everyone.

    Sure, eliminate the county governments. Then you can pay more by having the state do it (see Milwaukee County income maintenance) or pay for the same thing multiple times (see child welfare).

    You don't have a damn bit of sense sometimes, do you?