Friday, January 8, 2010

Well, This Should Make The Right Happy (Or Maybe Not)

Businesses getting tax breaks using stimulus money:

The Wisconsin recipients of the tax credits are:

  • Waukesha Electric Systems Inc. is receiving a $12.45 million tax credit to expand its plant in Waukesha to product large, high-voltage power transformers. The company anticipates that more than 80 percent of them will be used to help bring renewable energy to distant load centers or to replace aging, less efficient transformers.
  • Caledonia-based CalStar Products is receiving a $2,443,547 tax credit to manufacture bricks and pavers from coal power plant fly ash. The process uses 88 percent less energy than traditional fired clay products, while avoiding the carbon dioxide emission associated with concrete, and makes beneficial use of fly ash.
  • Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Kaydon Corp. is receiving a $1,774,800 tax credit to re-equip and expand its manufacturing facility in Milwaukee to produce pitch and yaw bearings used in the production and assembly of wind energy turbines.
  • Milwaukee-based Ingeteam Inc. is receiving a $1,665,299 tax credit to manufacture wind turbine generators in various technologies. The company will also manufacture power converter and control systems for the wind and solar industries.
  • Wausaukee Composites Inc. is receiving a $930,810 tax credit to manufacture fiberglass wind turbine components.
  • Kaukauna-based Bassett Inc. is receiving an $868,500 tax credit to manufacture wind turbine towers and foundation components for all sizes of turbines and a $75,000 tax credit to manufacture carbon capture and sequestration systems to extract and trap carbon from waste systems from coal fired power plants.
  • Waukesha-based Cooper Power Systems LLC is receiving an $846,180 tax credit for its new facility that will be producing high efficiency transformers.
The right should be happy, since all they've whined about (OK, not all) is that the stimulus isn't going to businesses. Now it is. If unemployment isn't wiped out and all products become dirt cheap to buy, that means the right wing was wrong and then we can get back to fixing their mess.


  1. I point out that YOU will pay for that. The current estimate: $135K/job.

    Of course, those jobs may be created in non-existent ZIP codes or Congressional districts.

  2. I would point out that we will pay for it whether we use the money or not. The cost per job would be much lower if overpayed CEO's weren't taking so much money instead of using it to create jobs.

    I know you like to live in la-la-land, but Waukesha and Milwaukee are real places. And every inch of this country is in someone's district.