Friday, January 15, 2010

Your Tax Dollars Not At Work

Today is my first of twelve furlough days, since Walker cannot do what every other elected official in the state, on every level, could do, and balance their budget.

While I am technically losing money today, I made enough in overtime, due to his refusal to fill positions, to more than make up for it. Plus, unlike Walker, I realize when money is tight, it is inherent on the responsible adult to find other revenue streams.

However, the county is the one losing money. As I pointed out last year, the county will be losing money. Today's loss for the county will be around $600, just for me being furloughed. That number reflects the amount of money the county bills for my work minus what they pay me for the day.

Now, if things stay the same, that means that the county will be out almost $7200 for the year, just for me. Multiply that by all the workers and the number is astronomical. Not to mention the social cost of clients not being served, and it is really a wonder that anyone thinks that this is actually saving money.

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  1. the core of my entire beef with the MCBHD and John Chianelli is NOT BEING SERVED. I have been left to rot since last July. The County deliberately, and with malice, has refused mandated and funded services to me for an unstated and punitive motive. John Chianelli KNOWS this, Scott Walker*s office KNOWS this. Evidently, they consider this best practice. . . To engage in a pissing match with a disabled, impaired and vulnerable individual placed in their *care*.