Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Serious Question For Scott Walker Supporters

Whenever the Milwaukee County budget has imploded (which it has done every single year), Scott Walker puts a lot of the blame on the fact that the state is imposing unfunded and/or underfunded mandates on Milwaukee County.

I actually agree with him that this is a major problem, not for just Milwaukee County, but every county in the state.

Putting aside that he voted many times to do the same thing (shorting the counties) when he was in the state legislature, what do you think he will do if he were to be elected governor? Do you think he would restore full funding for these mandates? Or do you think he would stick to his "tax freeze" or "tax cut" pledges, and create an even larger deficit for the counties having to perform these mandated services, thereby either forcing dangerous cuts to these services and/or forcing local governments to drastically raise taxes to pay for them?


  1. Don't believe I've heard my buddy Scott mention this. However I'm not surprised you would feel free to put words in his mouth. It's what you do...

  2. I don't believe any words were put in Mr. Walker's mouth. Moreover, his voting record is public knowledge. The fact that some people look into it and others follow an individual blindly is another matter.

  3. Sorry, TerryN, but Walker has indeed done that. Look at the post below this and you will see he is doing just that.

    So, do you have an answer?