Monday, January 18, 2010

More Businesses Leaving Milwaukee County

This time it is C&H Service.

In other Milwaukee business new, Midwest Airlines, which was recently bought out by Frontier Airlines is about to lose its name and be moved to Indianapolis. Needless to say, this will not help promote Milwaukee as being a leader in the business world.

The question is: How was this allowed to happen?

Well, don't ask Scott Walker. He was too busy taking campaign donations from Midwest's rival, Air Tran, to pay for his campaign bike ride.

And this is just another one of the myriad of ways Walker has failed as county executive. If he cannot make Milwaukee County appealing to businesses, there is no reason to believe he could do better on the state level.


  1. C&H left because Milwaukee County taxes are too high.

    Further, Kenosha is closer to Chicago. Finally, the 'local' ownership is gone--it's now a German company which calls the shots.

  2. They moved to be closer to Chicago, whose sales tax is twice as much as ours?