Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let Them Drink TEA!

From the NY Times:
Nearly one in five Americans said they lacked the money to buy the food they needed at some point in the last year, according to a survey co-sponsored by the Gallup organization and released Tuesday by an anti-hunger group.

The numbers soared at the start of the recession, but dipped in 2009 despite the continuing rise in unemployment. The anti-hunger group, the Food Research and Action Center, attributed that trend to falling food prices, an increasing use of food stamps and a rise in the amount of the food stamps benefit.

More than 38 million Americans — one in eight — now receive food stamps, a record high
Is this really time for Scott Walker and his TEA party buddies to start calling for cuts to necessary services? And doesn't this make the TEA Party poster child, Andre Bauer, look all the more heinous?


  1. How about cutting farm subsidies and protectionist trade policies that artificially inflate prices for food?

  2. If you read the NYT article, you would have noted that food prices are going down.


  3. I agree Publius partially. Certainly the farm subsidies don't really help family farmers.

    At least we are protectionist to one industries.