Monday, January 25, 2010

Brett Favre: The Man, The Myth, The Movie

Needless to say, as one of the few true Packer fans that still appreciate Brett Favre and what he did for the Pack, I was disappointed in how the game ended last night.

That said, I have to point out that I was amazed that he took that big hit in the third and then went back out on the field, even though I thought his ankle was broken.

But when I read this accounting of his injuries, I realize that Favre is one of the fable iron men of football:
Some 30 minutes after the game was over, Favre gathered himself from the Minnesota Vikings’ locker room and headed for a postgame media session. As he walked through the bowels of the Louisiana Superdome, dejected from the 31-28 overtime loss in the NFC championship game, he walked past a fracas between a security guard and a Saints fan. The angry and apparently inebriated fan got to the point that he threw his beer, hitting both the guard and Favre.

That was thematic of the night for the 40-year-old Favre, who will once again ponder retirement this offseason. Regardless of his decision, no one will quite believe Favre is walking away or not until next season begins (and even ends).

But be sure of this: Favre limped away from this game, literally hurting from head to toe. In the first quarter, defensive end Bobby McCray(notes) hit Favre so hard that Favre thought his teeth had been knocked out. Along the way, Favre hurt his left wrist, had a softball-sized strawberry on his left biceps and got high-lowed on a hit in the third quarter that badly sprained his left ankle.
But that description did remind me of something, perhaps a rough screen draft of the life and time of Brett Favre, including a depiction of yesterday's game:

And while I still think Favre to be one of the all time greats, I fully recognize that many do not feel the same way, so for them, this:


  1. That last picture was not funny and was a low blow. I can't believe you would cater to the Favre haters! I'm soooo disappointed!

  2. Laugh it up...Favre and the Vikings still got further than Rodgers and the Packers. Now that's a hoot!

  3. "Favre and the Vikings still got further than Rodgers"

    On a coin toss?

  4. I read this little gem this morning at

    "Brett Favre wants to retire, but every time he throws in the towel it's intercepted!"

  5. TerryN,

    Which championship game did the Pack play in? I only saw Vikes vs. Saints and Colts vs. JETS.

  6. Ordinary that was funny! I'll have to email that one to my hubby at work!

  7. If his body can recover I think he should play again.