Friday, January 15, 2010

Cog Dis Applauds Briggs & Stratton

A great big round of applause goes out to Briggs & Stratton:

“We had some difficult decisions to make during the recession and our employees really pulled together as a team to help the company,” said Todd Teske, president and CEO of the Wauwatosa-based manufacturer of small engines and outdoor power equipment. “While there is still a lot of uncertainty with the economy, we are in a position to pay back our employees for a portion of their lost salaries.”

On Jan. 1, the company also restored its employee’s salaries as well as the company’s 401(k) matching contributions.

“We will see how the upcoming spring selling season goes before we make a decision as to whether or not we can repay the remaining 25 percent,” said Teske. “We will try very hard to make that happen.”

Teske noted that company officers and key executives won’t become eligible for reimbursement of lost salary until all salaried employees are reimbursed 100 percent.

Another good note about Briggs & Stratton is that they give contracts to places like Goodwill, so that disabled adults can have jobs and be productive members and gain further independence.

Other businesses should take note. This will make people more like to consider them when making purchases. I know it makes me damn proud that two of my machines at the castle have Briggs & Stratton engines in them.

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