Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Domina Named To Waukesha Bench

This caught me by surprise:
William Domina, a longtime Waukesha School Board member and former assistant corporation counsel who moved to Milwaukee County to become that county's chief legal counsel in 2003, was appointed a Waukesha County circuit judge by Gov. Jim Doyle on Monday.

He will fill the vacancy created with the December retirement of Judge Robert Mawdsley starting in February with a term that ends July 31, 2011. He would stand for election in April 2011.

It is an interesting choice made by Doyle, to say the least. While he has done some good deeds while an attorney, as corporation counsel, he has also made some major mistakes that has cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

But it also takes a close Walker ally away from him, especially during these crucial times as Milwaukee County is facing a growing number of lawsuits and is in the middle of some nasty contract issues with the unions.

If Scott Walker wanted to act quickly (which would be a big surprise, considering that it's been such a long time and he still doesn't have a public works director, and economic development director, or a health and human services director), I would like to recommend someone. Although, on second thought, Walker probably wouldn't hire this guy, since he actually knows and believes in the law.

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