Monday, January 11, 2010

Boo Humbug!

From JSOnline:

A group representing the mayors and village presidents of Milwaukee County's 19 municipalities recommended Monday that each community hold trick-or-treat on the same day - usually a Sunday.

The resolution is aimed at keeping children safe and deterring groups of kids from collecting candy outside their own communities.


The issue was raised by Hales Corners Village President Robert Ruesch, who said a number of residents complained to him after last Halloween that vanloads of trick-or-treaters from outside Hales Corners were being dropped off in the village to trick or treat.

Franklin Mayor Tom Taylor said he's received the same type of complaints over the past several years and would like to return to a uniform date.

I don't know which is more offensive: The thinly-veiled racism of the white suburbs not wanting "those other kids" coming to their burbs or the flimsy excuse that they use to hide behind.

Since we usually do the trick-or-treating from my dad's house, I will be making sure to buy extra candy, just for the "other kids."


  1. racism? How do you get that?
    Hell, my guess is most of the van loads come from other suburbs so they can double down on their Halloween.

  2. there's only 11 in the picture. where's the 12th angry man?

  3. According to his tweets, Walker is campaigning in Madison, then Bay View.

  4. Whether it's racism or not, what happened to celebrating Halloween ON October 31st? Half the FUN of it for kids when I was growing up (in the 60s) was getting to go out with siblings, parents, and friends after supper, after dark, even if it was cold, even if it was a "school night."

    Parents today have become obsessive/compulsive about kids to the point where they kill their imaginations and creativity, over-inflate their egoes, and trap them in conformity. In short, parents, and elected leaders that pander to parent's obsessive concerns about safety achieve the exact opposite. They endanger the development of children by their ridiculousness.