Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Day, Another Borrowed And Rehashed Campaign Gimmick From Walker

Has Scott Walker or anyone on his campaign staff ever had an original thought? He does the same one trick pony show of pretending to stop taxes year after year, even though he's raised tax by millions of dollars over his time as Milwaukee County Executive.

Then he brought out a rehashed version of the brown bag gimmick that he borrowed from a governor's race in Ohio.

Now he is dredging up another old campaign gimmick, this time one that was used against him.

Not having anything that is both positive and factual to say for himself or his track record, Walker is still trying to milk the Zoo Interchange construction for all its worth.

Today, his campaign announced that he had put up two billboards regarding the interchange. I have no idea what they look like. Even though his press release on it says that a photo is included, there is no photo. There is nothing on any of his or his campaign staff tweets that I could see. And at the time of this writing, there is no photos of them on his facebook page. (Although there are some crude pictures dealing with President Obama - what that has to do with his campaign is anyone's guess. At least they removed the porno spam pictures.)

His personal press release amplifier, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, has a story on it, with a link on the word "billboards," but the link only takes you to his campaign site that also fails to have a picture of the billboards.

In fact, the closest I found was his campaign's new website, which they call Barrett's Bypass, which has a photoshopped picture of a construction sign that reads "Blame Barrett."

According to the MJS story, one of the billboards reads "Tired of Traffic? Blame Barrett."

This is more than slightly reminiscent of the beginning of the county executive race from two years ago, when Walker was challenged by State Senator Lena Taylor.

In that race, some "shadow group" posted a series of billboards around the county. The billboards each pointed out to an area where Walker was failing in his leadership and added the tag line, "I blame Walker." Here is a video of said billboards, which I might add, are even more true than they were then:

These billboards got Team Walker in a real snit over them. So much so that he had his pet attack dog, Charlie Sykes, snarling about it on his show for days and on his blog. Walker and his echo chamber of sycophants attacked the ads as sleazy and as a sign of how desperate Taylor was supposed to be.

So what does Walker's blame billboards say about him?

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