Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Your Tax Dollars Not At Work - Erin Go Broke Edition

Yes, kids, today was day three of 22 furlough days Scott Walker has given me.

At least the weather was nice and I got to play in the sun before the big, or not so big, snow comes over the weekend. I also got the grocery shopping done and did some packing for a work related trip. Also did some shopping for a new toy that I'll tell you about at a later date.

So while I got to enjoy the nice weather, the tax payers are now out about $1,800 for the year and counting. What fiscal responsibility that is!

Of course, this could all have been avoided if Walker only acted like a true leader instead of an attention-seeking boy. If he sat down with the unions 18 months ago, like a leader would have, there would be no budget holes (except for the ones he artificially creates), people would still have gotten services unhindered, and there would be no concerns about the state having to take over more programs or risking having the County fined for tens of millions of dollars.

But Walker is either not that smart and/or not that honest with the tax payers.

Walker is starting to realize that this is a game he shouldn't be playing and one that he can't win. This is evidenced by the fact that he has finally learned that he can get concessions by sitting down with the unions and actually negotiating with them instead of trying to be a showboating little bully.

Too bad that it took him eight years and will cost him his second run at the governor's seat, as well as costing the tax payers millions of dollars before he learned that lesson.


  1. He still holds a grudge over being called to the stand in '06 and being checked on his scheming.
    Of course he blinked. So much could have been accomplished with AFSCME if he had bothered to sit down and find solutions.
    Bullies should always be checked.

  2. Speaking of bullies how do ya feel about the county board members that voted today NOT to reduce their bennies and pensions but think it's OK for the county employees. There's leadership you can believe in, right? I want to see you do an article about this. How can you support them and bash Walker?