Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tempest In A TEA Party

This past weekend, a group of conservatives got together in the Dells for the third annual Defending the Mass Riches of Koch Industries. If you believe the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel or any of the conservative bloggers who attended and/or wrote about it, it was a regular Kumbaya session of freedom fighters who are sick of the government doing silly things like helping people and preventing the rich get even richer at the expense of the poor and middle class.

The truth of the matter is that things were not all hunky-dory. It appears that there was a wee bit of an altercation that required police intervention*.

Working on a tip, I called Dan Mielke, a rather outspoken and most definitely conservative man, is running for the Republican nomination for the 7th District U.S. Representative. Mr. Mielke told me that he is tired of the machinations of the Republican Party trying to foist their favorites on the voters, as well as usurping control of the TEA Parties. That is why he is running against GOP pretty boy Sean Duffy, former star of reality TV.

Mr. Mielke told me that he is running against Duffy, because he doesn't feel that Duffy is a real conservative. He feels that Duffy is a hypocrite who claims to have Christian and conservative values, but doesn't display them or only does when it is convenient.

To make his point, Mr. Mielke had a table at the weekend's festivities. On display, he had a computer that was playing a video called "The Wedding Video," which apparently is a hybrid of home video and reality TV about a wedding between two homosexual men. Sean Duffy, and his wife, Rachel Campos-Duffy, both appear in the video. Mr. Mielke stated that this shows that Duffy isn't consistent between his actions and his words.

Well, it appears that Mrs. Duffy didn't like it being shown and tried to unplug the computer and otherwise interfere with the showing of this video. Things escalated to the point that the organizers of the event came to Mielke to discuss the issue. According to Mielke, they expressed concern if the Duffy children were to see this video and the effect it might have on them. Mielke, trying to be cooperative, agreed to cover the screen with a sheet of paper over the screen. On the paper, he wrote "View at your own risk."

Apparently, this did not meet with Campos-Duffy's satisfaction and she continued her harassment of Mielke and his table. It got to the point where Mielke called 9-1-1 and the police responded. He told them what was going on and that Campos-Duffy was interfering with his campaign. He told the police that he would appreciate them talking to the Duffys and asking them to cease and desist, which the police said was reasonable.

Mielke reported that the Duffys did leave him alone after that, but their supporters continued their harassment and interference. He said that some of the most aggressive of these attackers throughout the day were the big shots of the Marathon County GOP, who would get into his face and call him names and tell him he is evil for bringing up the truth about the Duffy's past. Of course, the Marathon County GOP has a history of demanding conformity and taking severe steps if their demands are not met.

Of course, TEA parties and violence against those that would dare to express an opposing and/or independent point of view are not uncommon.

For those of you who are interested, I could not find a copy of the video itself, or even a decent clip from it, but thanks to a pointer by Mr. Mielke, I found a few partial clips of the video including Sean Duffy and his wife, Rachel, on a site called**. Unfortunately, the gist of the video is lost as the makers of the video talk over it with their own commentary.

Here is one of the clips:

Here is another one:

*There is no word on where AFP's crack security team was at the time of the incident.

** calls itself the conservative alternative to YouTube. I didn't know that YouTube and their videos of dancing hamsters had any political leaning.


  1. Mielke in C-R-A-Z-Y. Mrs. Duffy is nine months pregnant, and Dan grabs her and calls her shameful. There's a lot more to this story that isn't being told by the sack-of-crap Meilke.

  2. Kudos on your research, but your attempt to tie tea parties to violence is absurd.

  3. What kind of cult leader puts his hands on a very pregnant woman? I know the one that beats his own wife. I'll bet RObin's hands are all bent out of shape because Dan has broken them so many times.

    Message to Dan - Next time you lay a finger on a woman other than your wife - you better hope no MEN are around!!!

  4. So why is this blog carrying water for Dan Mielke, the biggest homophobe running for public office in the state of Wisconsin?

    Sean Duffy appeared in a video about gay people. So what?
    It seems very strange to me that you give any credibilty to Mielke, the poster boy for intolerance.

  5. I thought this was a progressive blog...not a homophobic site bent on keeping the LGBT community down.

  6. Dan Mielke is nuts. There is little wonder why a liberal blog would carry only the Mielke version of a supposed incident.
    I am glad that the police were able to protect Mielke from a 110 pound 8 month pregnant woman. He is not only nuts, he is a whimp.

  7. Hey blogger dude: You may want to check your facts before you slander a District Attorney's wife. Anybody who knows Mielke knows that there is a pattern of atrocious behavior that he exhibits towards all women with whom he comes in contact. I know this because he has been belligerent and rude to me many times and there is a long line of women who have been verbally assaulted by him in the past. To attempt to physically intimidate a 5'2" woman who is 9 months pregnant by putting his hands on her is contemptible, not to mention physical assault. Many have observed how poorly he treats his own wife and question her well-being.

    One would think after observing Mielke and his bizarre tactics that he is actually a closet homosexual with a huge man-crush on Sean Duffy. Clearly, Mielke has watched the mockumentary more times than all the other viewers combined. What does that say about his confidence in his own campaign??? Could he be working for Dave Obey?

  8. Dan Mielke is a porno pig. He peddles in porn like some farmers deal in selling cattle. He is sick. My sources tell me that he gets turned on by gay porn and gay weddings. Anyway, beatng up pregnant women is no way to stop your urges Dan.

  9. Dan Mielke is a sad, ambitious figure in GOP politics. Mielke is the Sisyphus of Wisconsin conservative circles. Dan runs and runs and never wins.

    Dan has always been seen as a little 19th Century (to be charitable) if not eccentric (still charitable) in his views but now he has just plain come unglued. In a year that promises to be a banner year for Republicans, he has been pushed aside for a much more favorable candidate. Dan's response? Burn down the Republican Party! How dare they not give him "his turn" (remember Bob Dole? John McCain?) when even a crazy guy with a ZZ Top beard dressed in Dickies can win against any old Democrat right?

    So now Dan is palling around with ideological enemies because they are suddenly less offensive to him than fellow conservatives - for reasons of ambition. Never mind he extracted $5,000 dollars from the GOP 2 years ago, never mind that congressman Obey rolled over Dan Mielke like the boulder ran over Sisyphus time and again in Virgil.

    If Mielke got a grip and apologized to a LOT of people he will still likely have a "home" (at least a handful of friends) after this election but as things stand with his current scorched earth tactics - I mean, who is he going to chew rhubarb with when all this is over? He has alienated 90% (or better) of his party and the Democrats just want to use him as a foil so they can get Dave "Grumpy" Obey re-elected again even if his politics are as sclerotic as his arteries.

    Ta-ta Dan, don't let the boulder flatten your a** too hard on your way down the hill.

  10. The video URL is

  11. I find it incredibly convenient that a liberal blogger is giving Dan Mielke attention, and that Dan Mielke is actually stupid enough to play along. Please.

    Dan is a creepy neo-con who can't even keep his emotions in check long enough to figure out when he's being used as a tool for the in the hell can he represent us in Washington?

  12. Has anyone thought of checking out "The Wedding Video" by Norm Korpi? it won two awards at gay film festivals. It really exists. Norm Korpi is a friend of both Sean Duffy and his wife.

    Sean and his wife were in this movie. They did support Gay Marriage in this video. Yet, they now claim to be totally opposed to Gay Marriage. they both starred on different episodes of Real World on MTV which has a history of promoting gay awareness. Apparently Sean are hypocrites who have betrayed their friends of many years just to win votes from the right. I ask you, Do we need any more fakes and hypocrites in Congress? Do we need congressmen who will sell out their friends for a vote?
    This is more about honesty and integrity than it is about gay marriage. Mielke took a stand for what he believes in and is obviously taking heat for it. Whether you think he is right or wrong on the issue you have to admit he has the courage to take a stand! Gay or strait, isn't this something we all want?