Monday, March 29, 2010

Why Walker Brown Bags His Lunch

Because he's eating ours:

Also, the perfect way to describe how Scott Walker views negotiations with AFSCME.



  1. Awe poor union boy...Scott is a mean man, go find your Mom maybe she will give you a hug and wipe your tears.

  2. Just what is it with right wing trolls that they just love to insult someone by bringing up their dead mother?

    People like you are what will keep bringing Walker down in the polls.

  3. lol, using your logic only the left can insult you do often on your blog.

  4. There are limits which apparently you don't understand or don't care about.

  5. There are limits? Please let me know the limits. Is it publishing home address'...wait know you have done that. Is it publishing aerial photos of homes...wait no you have done that. Is it publishing property tax records...wait no you have done that. Is it publishing false and misleading information...wait no you have done that also.

    Please tell me your "limits" I would hate to be playing using a separate set of rules.

  6. Where on this site did you find an aerial photo of a home, a tax record or misleading information (factual and verified, not just opinion or form the subject in question)?

    You didn't because they don't exist at this site.

  7. Aye yes it was your buddies site, where you left a comment on the posted documents.

    "Well, now the workers know where to go live when they lose their houses."

    Still waiting for you to define those limits you are talking about...