Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Second Verse, Same As The First

Yesterday, Scott Walker's campaign touted that they came out with their second TV commercial.

If you must see it, you can find it by clicking here, but trust me, it's not much different than his first commercial.

The good news for me is that I've already covered it, even before it was filmed:
Scott Walker has started a newly rehashed campaign gimmick that he is calling the Brown Bag Movement in which he has three talking points:
  • Don't spend more than you have
  • Smaller government is better government
  • People create jobs, not government
While the County is supposed to be leading is crumbling down around our ears, Walker jumped to action by going on yet another state-wide campaign promoting this silly and hypocritical campaign gimmick.

He started this tour de farce in Green Bay, where you can see in his campaign picture, the crowd is less than enthused:

In fact, they look like they are bored out of their skulls and are only sitting through Walker's spiel because they were told to by their boss. Even more telling is the news video that his campaign has commandeered for their purposes. In it you will see there are empty seats and that many of the workers just aren't buying the stuff he is trying to sell them:

But let us look at his three points and how hypocritical he really is.

Don't Spend More Than You Have

This is really an ironic point for Walker to start out with, considering that his most recent budget for Milwaukee County has three years worth of capital spending in it, based on money that the County is getting from the ARRA funding that he has said he was against.

It is even more ironic considering that the 2010 County budget he proposed was based on $32 million that he didn't have and was not likely to get.

Smaller Government Is Better Government

This is another talking point Walker would have been smarter to have left alone. While there is no doubt that Walker has fully pledged himself to the Grover Norquist theory of ineffective leadership, Walker is a walking, breathing example of pure ineptness.

Walker had shrunk the Income Maintenance Program, during the beginning of the recession, to the point that the state had to come in and take over to save the tax payers from a Walker-induced class action lawsuit.

Then there is also the fact that Walker had abolished the Economic Development Division in his administration, and then wondered why the County was unable to sell any of its properties and had to call on Tom Barrett and the City of Milwaukee to help them out with places like the Park East Corridor. Walker's administration got so bad that even the Walker-friendly Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had to call him out on his utter failure.

People Create Jobs, Not Government

Walker claims that government does not create jobs, but that was only mere months after he bragged about using stimulus money to create jobs in his "Milwaukee Works" program.

And speaking of stimulus, Michael Rosen had recently pointed out how Walker and the Walker-friendly daily paper were dead wrong in claiming that the stimulus was not working in improving the job situation.

Again, reality comes up to repeated smack Walker in the face.

Even to the casual observer, Walker's hypocrisy and out-right lying is no surprise. He has been that way since he was at Marquette University. It is the way of the beast with Walker.

I just wonder how much longer the media is going to continue to give him a pass before they call him out on his antics.
Meanwhile, his main primary opponent, Mark Neumann has come out with his second ad just this month, and I think it is his fourth overall. Plus Neumann has a radio ad that is even playing on 620TMJ during Charlie Sykes' show, which makes it all the more fun.

While Nuemann is running commercial circles around him, we are still waiting for Walker to give us one original idea that is based in reality. I wouldn't advise holding one's breath while they wait for this to happen.


  1. What is amazing to me is that he's continuing to parade this brown bag gimmick movement, despite being caught red handed copying the concept from a 1998 direct mail piece from U.S. Senator George Voinovich. What a fraud. Seriously, do we want this guy as our next governor. He looks smug and superficial in these ads.

  2. I spend a lot of weekends in the northwoods and it ain't clicking for him up there. They seem to know a fair amount about Neumann, and he'll probably do well there.
    People don't like to hear about someone laying off workers in these tough times. When I tell them that he's gunning on jobs here most people shake their heads.

  3. Neumann appears to have all the momentum in that race.